MOVIE: A Dangerous Method

Thought you might like to watch this movie trailer. I will be interested in seeing it.

Keira Knightley Has Spanking Good Time in A Dangerous Method Trailer (VIDEO)

I doubt the spankings will be like this, but one can always dream.happy spankings


Anonymous said...

It is a hot preview but let's face it, for whatever reason when the open cinema shows a spanking it is never over the knee, bent over, laying down ect but the industry I think is affraid of a the old fashion otk. Except Weeds it is never otk.

But worth a trip to see the film no doubt.


Hermione said...

Thanks, Red. I'm putting this movie at the top of my Ziplist.


Red said...

Ron: you are correct, at least for north american movies. However, the imagination lets us enjoy the movie in other ways
Hermione; I agree that it will be worth seeing.

aldrin james said...

This is a great blog to visit.

spanking madrid said...

I can't wait to watch that movie. I can see in this blog how great it is. I am sure that I will see amazing spanking in that film.

Red said...

aldrin james : gllad you like it, and thanks for the comment. Please add a few comments again sometime.

Spanking madrid: I agree, it should be a fun movie.

happy spankings