F/M spanking video

Here is a link to a video some readers might enjoy watching.
The lady spanker definitely uses the bath brush effectively, although the dancing feet seem a little over done.


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Anonymous said...

The OTK hairbrush spanking, sir, so very hot being one her in the old fashioned bra and I assume a panty, wow. But even more, his bottom looks like it was protected for a while by a pair of silky thin panties, awesome.

Great post, thanks

Anonymous said...

I agree about the foot flailing being an unnecessary distraction. However, after her opening bathbrush on palm "warning shots" and her warm thigh patting invitation to her lap, the following 30 seconds (not even counting time lost for film editing and cuts) are enough to make for a very intense brief encounter that no doubt left quite a lasting impression. Half a minute!! She wasted no time and made every spank count, especially those doubles to the same spot.

I'd be curious to see how she deals with his wayward feet next time. Her sweet maternal apron made a very inviting welcome mat for the bared fellow to settle on.

I'm still eager to see a clip where the lady uses both sides of the brush, including spanks with the bristles, or at least a nice bristly massaging in between sets of hard back of the brush spanks.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I don't have the same problem with the foot dancing. My feet would be in the next county.

Red said...

njspank: otk is always hot, and so is the outcome on your bottom.

sweetsuds: great ideas. I doubt the bristle side is effective, but have never experienced it.

Bogey: so, how did the move go, did those feet dance all the way?