Dana Kane - disciplinarian

A few weeks ago, I noticed on statcounter, that I was getting the occasional hit from Dana Kane blog. Intrigued, I went to the site, and saw that Dana had a link to my site.

I decided to post a link to Dana Kane's site, but am only now getting around to it.

Everyone has a different take on spanking, so this blog may have a lot of interest to some of the readers out there. It has plenty of pictures of bare bottoms that have been spanked, and videos that you can watch.
Some of the pictures are a little strong for me, but others may love them. Many of the pictures are excellent.

The site does have some testimonials,
"Thank you for being nonjudgmental and treating me with respect," and Ms Kane


Click on the link below for a video showing Dana effectively giving a hand spanking


Dana has many links to spanking blogs, and very nicely has links to other disciplinarians.

The blog has existed for quite sometime,so plenty for you to read and enjoy.

The picture to the left certainly shows that her spankings are effective.

Remember to click on the FAQ to find out everything you might like to know about Dana and her services..

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

Hi Red: I noticed the same thing today, and she also is now listed as a follower. I too added her to my blog list, I thought the site was done well, and included a lot of info.

Hopefully, she herself enjoys our blogs, and comments occasionally.

Keep up the great blog, we enjoy it.

Erica said...

Dana rocks! :-)

Anonymous said...


Great refferal, she is just very hot and love her way of giving long but very slow and deliberate spankings, she is amazing.


Red said...

James: i posted a link also,

Erica: as do you...

njsapnk: not a referral from personal experience, simply a nice site for anyone so inclined to visit.

happy spankings

Dana Kane said...

Hello Red,

Thank you for the mention, and to you as well, James. I do enjoy all of your blogs quite a lot, and always look forward to future postings.

- Dana Kane

Red said...

Hi Dana: Glad you lke the posting. Happy spankings...Red

Anonymous said...

Dana for president - yes she can....

Red said...

anon: why Not!!!