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I have always enjoyed pictures of Clare Fonda, and the websites she runs. One such site is http://www.clarespanksmen.comHowever, the most amazing site is : http://clarefondaspanking.com/. If you look at this site, read the bio, to really understand ClareClare is an extremely attractive woman, who is able to pose with stern no nonsense features, but with all encompassing beauty. (This next photo is misleading,as I thought she was about to spank someone, when the following pictures show a different tail being spanked, hers.) I have used photos of Clare regularly on this blog. What i did not know,was Clare's love of being spanked, which the following article first alerted me to. i had only seen a couple of pictures of Clare being spanked, and was trying to amass a few more pictures for a posting. Personally, she has a great bottom well worth spanking.
So, enjoy the photos, visit here site, and read this next article to more fully understand the love of spanking that many of us have.
here is the link to the article, but I have copied the article below.
My Real Life Spanking Pleasure

By Clare Fonda | September 25, 2009

When I have a boyfriend, which isn’t very often, I will quickly get round to introducing him to my vanilla friends. One of the main purposes in having a boyfriend is that you have someone to do things with. You are no longer that awkward third wheel your friends are trying to set up with someone “super nice” who has no car. My last boyfriend was very eager to go out and do things as a couple but then I discovered, it wasn’t him- I really just don’t like going out. That’s why running 6 websites from my home is so great for me. Naturally my friends who know what I do will start to ask the spanking questions. “So does she spank you?” A drunk buddy will say at a party to my new boyfriend. You can tell non spankos a million times you prefer to be spanked in real life – it doesn’t matter. You take a couple of thousand photos of you in heels, holding a paddle, it sticks, go figure. The boyfriend, even though he would secretly love me to spank him willl say “No way, dude” and then later that night lay a misplaced whack somewhere between my tailbone and kidneys to refute my drunk friend’s comment. Then I just remind my new boyfriend that i see spanking all day, don’t need it in real life. Goodnight, love.

surprise ass spanking

But it’s so nice to have it. There is an exiting humiliation when someone refuses to believe you can take or leave a spanking. Six freaking websites and even if he has never spanked anyone before he will do his homework and give you what he knows you need. It is very hard to act as though you’re tired of spanking when you’re over someone’s knee, squirming, rubbing your hand over their ankle until the next swat makes everything bounce in the air. As long as they don’t get too carried away with an implement they have never seen before, you very much enjoy being topped. I don’t know if other models feel the same way, but there is something very sexy about being “busted” Maybe that would be a good video when one models finds out another has been doing a little more than bikini pictures this summer. Turns out she saw something on the web. As a friend of her family’s she thinks it’s best the girl tells her parents, but there’s always another way they can work it out. Alright, back to the fantasy but as ’09 is not over, I vow to explore more in reality.

Clare Fonda ass spanking

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Anonymous said...

this lady is one of the amazing ladies in the scene, as a bottom she is just lovely but I would cherish laying over her lap for a long session under her hand and brush, she is wonderful.


Red said...

njspank: I would love a switching session, personally
happy dreams

Rich Spankman said...

Thank you Clare for all you have done for the adult spanking scene. I truly love all your video work. Best of luck

Rich Spankman

Red said...

rich sparkman: I really doubt that Clare has ever seen this insignificant post. However, I totally agree with your comment