Charm and discipline in "The Hague"

Previously, I have posted links to professional spankers, who I believe honestly enjoy the role of helping a person achieve whatever they desire by spanking them. These sites do NOT offer sexual services, just the service of a honest to goodness real spanking.

A friend sent me a link to a fabulous looking website, and person.I feel there is a role in society for professional women and men disciplinarians! Many individuals do not have a partner, or have a partner who either is unaware of the desires, or, being aware of the desires, does not wish to participate in spanking their partner. Thus, the plethora (wow such a big word) of visual for pay spanking websites!

Fortunately, many of us have a soul mate that is willing to participate in spanking, and thus the growth of so many spanking blogs from people like myself, who are so very happy to espouse the benefits of a spanking lifestyle. (If I keep using these big words, will I sound like an educated person... gosh darn) I am indeed lovingly, fabulously fortunate to have Cindy as my partner.

However, my goal of posting is simply to praise what I read on this site. I have communicated with Ms. Femke, and have her permission to use photos and descriptions from her website.

The link: http://www.femkevandedijk.com/index.html

Femke Vandedijk
'The punishing touch for the educated gentleman'

The opening page is elegant. "The punishing touch for the educated gentleman!" One slight problem is that you have to click on the picture to proceed to the contents of the website, but that is obviously a decision made by Ms. Femke.

The "Introduction and vision" is worth reading!!!!

I will only use a few quotes, to intrigue you to visit the site."Do you need your bottom to be bared? Like in the old days, in a domestic setting, in my house? Want to come back to the basic values that spanking is all about. Back to your basis. To do repentance or to clear your mind. To return to your own self. To feel the relief, to let go of all control, to be set boundaries, to be punished, understood. Catharsis."

What first struck me is that the setting is in Ms. Femke's house. You are a guest, but also someone who knows that you need to be spanked, and that you will be spanked. The spanking is about values, relieving stress, letting go of control, and in being renewed.
"The truly focused gentleman has learned the balance attained in submission. Over my knee."
Many men, myself included, enjoy being able to release their burdens by being spanked.

"For me the administration of a spanking is not a game. Role-play can be useful as a frame but in the dynamic with my visitor I am always looking for what really matters in his or her life. We often discover those things together. Corner time and the inevitable positioning across my knee contribute to the result.'

Ms. Femke is interested in helping you create and accomplish positive goals! For whatever reason you feel you need to be punished for, she is willing to help you achieve your goals through being spanked.

Prior to visiting, email communication is needed for Ms. Femke to understand your needs, and to see whether your requests are acceptable. "We will set the general scope of the encounter and our time together will do the rest." This is essential in a satisfactory relationship, but few sites seem to make this a part of the event.

"You will be a guest in my house and you will stick to my rules. I will treat you with the respect that you deserve."

Ms. Femke states unequivocally that the Mistress / Slave fantasy is not acceptable. A caring nature by Ms. Femke is a vital part of the spanking, and this comes through in reading her website.. She is willing to help you become a better person.

"I am a Disciplinarian. I will be strict and severe when needed but always with warmth."

In closing, I will add one other part, that you will not find on her website. I think it is wonderfully stated, and is worth sharing with everyone... Ms Femke wrote this, plus other things, in our communications by email.

"I want to make it possible to show my site to everybody who might be interested.
I think this is excellent. Anyone into spanking, has already seen thousands, if not hundred of thousands of bare bottoms being spanked.
Also for people who are not into spanking. Anyone not "into" spanking does not need to see the graphics. One's imagination clearly lets anyone know what it looks like.

I found out that it is much easier to explain to outsiders what spanking is all about without showing spanked bottoms!

This is a personal spanking, just you and her. It is your bottom that is going to be spanked, not someone else. Explaining spanking to Cindy, when first I approached the topic, was very difficult. Everyone has this dilemma unless you met at a spanking get together.

It is my mission to make spanking more acceptable for partners.
I would like to think that this blog also has that mission.

The closing picture is wonderful. It clearly shows a roaring fire!. I firmly believe your bottom will be equally roasted before Ms. Femke is finished spanking you.

Unfortunate that you have to travel to "The Hague', in the Netherlands, to meet her. However, some of my readers are from Europe, so happy trails.

Happy Spankings


Dana Kane said...

I was previously unaware of Ms Femke, but after having viewed her website am impressed with her professionalism (and grammar). Great choice!

- Dana Kane


I've been spanked (well I say spanked, that includes caned, strapped, paddled, carpet beaten and a few other toy experiences) by Femke Vandedijk, twice. I must say that she gives one of the hardest hand spankings that I have ever received. It's a pity that I have not had the chance to see her again.


Anonymous said...

I have visited this lady a couple of times and it was a great experience.


Anonymous said...

Great site, long trip to be over her knee but sounds wonderful.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

You can also click on 'welcome' to proceed to the contents of the site. Do you have an other suggestion?

Red said...

Dana: I will post about your site in the next few weeks. Thanks for dropping by.

Prefectdt: Wow, someone who has actually visited this fine Lady. We must all remember that life is short, so a visit sometime soon might be fun.

Frank: Wow again. Thanks for the positive feedback

Njspank: yes, a long way, but maybe a transatlantic re-positioning cruise might fit the bill.

Anon: i tried, but only worked for me on the picture.
Happy Spankings

Anonymous said...

She is really very special, as well as the way she receives you in her magneficent house and atmosphere.

Red said...

Anon: Thanks for the positive feedback..
Happy Spankings

Anonymous said...

Reading her website tells enough. And the pcitures are real, meaning that's the atmosphere where she receives you.

Red said...

anon: glad to hear! Have you visitedÉ