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There is an endless stream of quality pictures, and art, beyond what I am used to on Yahoo groups. The links abound endlessly!Thus, I give you this new link that you might like to pursue.However, not everything on your site might be your "cup of tea"! Such a quaint saying!

The best way I view tumblir sites, is by clicking on the archive, and from their I can click on whatever picture I think might be interesting.However, I do have a problem that some tumblr sites have a picture, that when you try to save it by right clicking, it only saves as a firefox document. Most allow you to save as a jpg, fortunately.Deos anyone out there know how to solve this problem?Enjoy browsing the archive
Happy Spankings


Dioneo said...

Red, to save an image file from Tumblr, it's easiest to click through the image in the post. Sometimes you have to click through a number of times, but eventually you should get just the image file, which you can "save as..." an image. This doesn't work 100% because sometimes your taken to a commercial site, but it works most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I will take a look but wow that second pic is amazing, makes me want to ask for a turn but the last one, fires me up as much as she would fire up my butt with that paddle, love Audrey, she is so hot.



Red said...

Dioneo: thanks for the advice... it works some of the time.
njspank: some great pictures, and links.

Anonymous said...

In Firefox, go to File > Save Page As. That will give you the option of saving as a jpeg.

Keep up the good work!

Red said...

anon: thanks for the advice. I will try it
happy spankings