Spanking and sex

Due to reasons beyond our control, neither of these have happened recently.

Yesterday had a return to spanking for fun and pleasure. Cindy had a bubble bath and relaxed, then called me to our bedroom, stating it is time for your spanking. When I arrived, (promptly), Cindy was dressed in very sexy lingerie.

We kissed and fondled, and eventually Cindy stated let's get to the spanking.

I was sent to retrieve the spanking chair, and a wooden brush. Cindy sat on the chair, and requested I retrieve her shoes.Like Cinderella, I placed the shoes on her feet, but first kissing and licking and sucking a few toes to prolong the eroticism.[Google foot worship for more photos than you could ever use. I am starting to realize that i do not need to save pictures on my hard drive]
Enough of this, as the shoes were delicately placed on Cindy's feet, and she had me stand beside her.

She asked I lower my pants, and this time I was standing there in panties.[Aside (Google men in panties) and you will have plenty to see.]
(I had put them on when she went for her bath) She admired them, commenting, and then nodded her head in the direction of her lap, meaning for me to be OTK immediately.

Cindy started immediately with the wooden brush, much to my surprise. I thought she was going to remove the panties, but she decided to simply spank me through the panties. After a number of medium weight spanks, Cindy stopped and rubbed and massaged my bottom affectionately. Then a hand spanking started. Cindy must have been enjoying the different view and feel.

Once again the brush returned much stronger on this visit, as it was a new brush, and Cindy was learning its intensity. My feet started their little dance routine, and Cindy seemed pleased with her comments of me dancing for her.

The brush stopped, and we returned to a pleasant massage and fondling, which was wonderful until I heard: 'lets pull these down now!"
Now the eroticism disappeared, as Cindy stated it is a shame that erection is going to disappear. i replied that it will rise again when I am kissing and licking you...... Conversation came to a swift end as the brush descended with vigor for a while, staying on one spot until my feet started moving. The brush then moved to another spot and stayed until a repeat of the dancing began. One does not quite understand how many unique areas of a bottom can be visited by a wooden brush. Then came the visits to the top of the back of the legs!

The spanking was very effective, when finally Cindy stated that I could get up. I lay there for a second, and thanked Cindy for the spanking.

Cindy remained seated as I started to kiss and caress her, and we had a slow prolonged love making session. It was delicious.

Happy Spankings


Dioneo said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful evening! I wish you many more like this.

Red said...

Dioneo: it definitely was delightful

ronnie said...

Sounds like you both had a wonderful time Red, simply lovely.


Njspank said...


I was the recipient of a similar spanking this weekend. But our scene was I was caught by the teacher with two pair of white panties. I was first spanked on the bare bottom with her hand but then recieved the longest and eventually as she started easy and built up, hardest brushing I ever got. Funny thing was the brushing was over the panties, not bare and it hurt like all heck when she was done. Was incredible. The passion after was even more amazing.

Love it

Red said...

Ronnie: we did indeed. Hope you are spanked soon. Only friends can understand saying that to each other.
Hi Njspank: Sounds like you both had a wonderful time. Did your partner have you put the panties on, or did she have you stand and pull them up for you. Imteresting scene you had, and I am certain the sex was fantastic.

spankedbywife said...

It sounds like you and Ms. Cindi ended your 'dry spell' very effectively!
Loved the descriptive post.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

It sounds like fun, except for the part where she paddles your erection away. Yeeks. I will pass on that part. But if you like it. Great.

Red said...

Ken; yes, we ended the dry spell wonderfully.Glad you enjoyed the post
Bogey: unfortunately as we age, erections do not last as Cindy does an effective spanking. However, I have always risen to the occasion if we cuddle and make love after.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by with a comment.
Happy Spankings

Njspank said...


Sorry took me a while to get on again, have people around. Actually both, she caught me wearing one pair. During the brushing she made me take one off and put the other on and then she took them off and put the others back on. Was amazing and she brushed only over the panty but man I was cooked.

Amazing totally.

Red said...

Ron: panties provide no protection WHATSOEVER... and if they are red it may be just like waving a red flag in front of a bull... Glad to hear you are having fun on the home (bottom seems better than home front0.
happy spankings