Respecting Mistress

Spanking blogs are everywhere, so you have to choose how best to spend your time, by looking for the blog or blogs that most suit your interests. A FM blog that many readers might like to read is entitled

One posting that caught my attention was
The giving up of control is quite a relief to some men. RM describes how any grumpiness is spanked away immediately. Since Cindy spanks for grumpiness, I am rarely grumpy for long.
Helping with housework is simply relieving her of doing everything, and thus Cindy is happier.

The three little rules:
Never say no to Mistress
Never question Mistress
Mistress is always right.
is something that we do not follow, as group decisions are usually better for us. However, we are thinking of writing a bit of a contract like the Spencer plan, so that things are a little more formalized when spanking is used as discipline instead of as a game. Then again, we may not write any contract, as that has negative connotations, and ou rlife is pretty damn great.

So, if this is your cup of tea, or simply wondering, I recommend you visit.
happy spankings


Hermione said...

I have visited that blog too. Sometimes I wish I could give Ron an anti-grumpiness spanking, but alas, that's not the way it works here. All I can do is hope for some sunshine soon.


Red said...

Hermione: You might suggest to Ron that spankings work extremely well to remove your grumpiness, so they might work for him also. However, until he is willing, you will take his spanking for him, if he promises to not be grumpy when the spanking has ended. now this is a win win situation if ever I heard of one.
Happy spankings

Anonymous said...

I just love the first drawing, otk with the brush and nice panty shot as well. Hot as hell, thanks.


Red said...

yes, endart had some great drawings, but it has unfortuantely closed