Prepping for dinner

Did the title intrigue you!

Prepping for "dinner at a friend's house" is sometimes needed. I asked Cindy if she would help me stay alert and friendly, and she readily agreed. She looked as happy as the woman in the next picture.We had been invited to a friend's house, and these are really nice people.

However, they talk incessantly. No lull in a conversation has ever occurred at their house. This is their only fault, but it is a big one. Drop by to bring something over, and count on ten minutes before you can leave their doorway. The detail given about any incident certainly makes you feel that you were actually at the event.

We look after their place when they are away, and they do the same for us. Enough banter. I asked Cindy if she would help me stay alert and friendly, and she readily agreed. I suggested that she use the magnastrap as it is immediately effective and lastingly memorable.
Cindy suggested I retrieve it for her, which I did.

I suggested that my being on my knees but upright on the spanking chair would give her the most effective position. Sometimes Cindy uses the magnastrap while I am lying on the bed, with my bottom raised by lying on pillows.

Cindy enjoyed herself, and I definitely felt each stroke. i had suggested maybe six would be appropriate, but Cindy did not respond to that suggestion as I got in position. Sometime I might learn that suggestions should never be made, as the spankee has no real say when about to be spanked. Your purpose is to follow directions and receive , not to lead.

Cindy gave about ten to fifteen spanks! Each one is memorable like the cane (which I still have not found, another story for another day). The spanking was slow and deliberate, so as the depth of feeling created by a spank had a chance to sink in before another blessing was bestowed. I was counting, but stopped after six!

Counting allows a mental block to come between the spankee and the spanks, such that you can reduce the feeling of the spanks by concentrating them away. This totally defeats the purpose of why I had asked to be spanked.

The last few spanks were intense, to say the least. When Cindy decided she was finished, I was informed to stand up, and I immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking. Cindy responded by saying let's finish getting ready and go.

Cindy permitted me to look in the mirror at my bottom, and one cheek was a solid red, whereas the other had much less red. Cindy may start to spank from both sides, or simply have me bend forward more, but whatever she does, it will be her choice.

I found that I once looked at the clock while at the friends house, but immediately checked myself and my behavior by thinking for a brief second of the spanking to stay focused on the monologue (oops . . conversation).

The evening went very well, but I did slip up once in raising my voice for no reason. we will be attending to that type of behavior soon.

Does any other reader get prepped before company. I (and all the readers) would really like to know more of your spanking situation.

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...


Not yet but it is on my wife's list for me!

Love it, thanks

Anonymous said...

No not prepped before, but I'm warned ahead of time what will happen if I don't behave when company is here.

Now most of the time things go well, but there are times I slip up, and when I do, I wind up spending quality time over my Wife's lap. And on some occasions if her spanko girl friends are the guests, I'm spanked in front of them. And there have also been times they are allowed to participate.

Regardless I have a hard time sitting afterwards, but I wouldn't change a thing.

I enjoy your posts.

Red said...

Njspank; progress happens in slow stages and quick jumps. Enjoy all facets available.

James: maybe you might like to write apost or two for me describing your most memorable occasions with your wife and or friends. Send to my email so I can post it and have the fun of being the reader at the same time. red.often@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I have been "prepped" on three separate occasions in connection with the impending (and unannounced) visit of her sister, of her closest friend and of one of her colleagues (both female). As I was expected to cook (and serve) dinner for these unexpected guests, I groused ... and was immediately chastised for my surliness (once with her favorite paddle, once with the strap, and once with her rattan cane) -which immediately brought me back to my senses! Additionally, in each case, N. made sure to inform our guests of the way she had treated me -and I was ordered to place one of her maple switches on the dinner table, next to her plate, as a reminder of what I could expect in case I 'misbehaved' again! Needless to say, I was on my best behavior, but I still had to face the knowing smiles and the ironic comments of those three women...


Anonymous said...

I have gotten a reminder spanking a few time to help be behave before we went to someone's house or before company came to our house.


Hermione said...

I think that if we had friends like that, we would not enjoy spending an evening with them, so I would want a good strong "warning" prior to the engagement. House-sitting is fine; they aren't there to talk your ear off.

Yes, it's often not such a good idea to offer suggestions to the spanker.

James, do tell us more! Guest posts are such fun to read.


ronnie said...

Oh yes I've had that happen a few times:)

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...


Our moto is slow and steady but it is working well.



Red said...

L: Wow. Warning spankings are a good idea, but letting the guests know what has happened certainly changes the dynamics of the relationship with those people. Maybe you might like to get a blogger account,and elaborate more on your spanking relationship with your wife.
Dan: those spankings tend to work very very well. Every time you move while seated you get a little reminder from your bottom, and you are reminded of your goal to make every spanking your partner reasonably effective so that the spanking does not have to be repeated, if it is for disciplinary purposes.

Hermione: due to moving in mid life, and a life schedule of many activities, and traveling, we actually have very few friends we visit. Thus, this is a no choice option. They are really nice people.
James has a blog so I will publicize it this coming week.
Ronnie: it may be a warning spanking, but for us lovers of TTWD, it is also a little reward for going. Happy weekend to you also, but Man U lost to a far superior team.
njspank: good luck..slow and steady is BEST.