We were out for a drink at a local bar Saturday night, and a woman sitting opposite the bar elongated table, (not where the bar actually was), was with two girlfriends.

Her tee-shirt had these big letters N B J N. The back of the tee shirt had the words " have a sexy day".

This definitely peaked my interest, so I casually glanced at the front of the shirt again, when she was facing our way.

The teeshirt was as follows.In case the print is too small: NOT BAD JUST NAUGHTY.
What a wonderful saying.

I was intrigued, and wondered if the difference was that she was spanked with a hairbrush when Bad, but with the Hand when only naughty.

Fortunately, I considered that Cindy might just not find that very amusing banter.

Due to the fact that the person was much much younger than us, being labeled as a dirty old man might be correct, but unappreciated.

This woman did display the attitude that perfectly fitted the description on the shirt.

So the photos are of the man enjoying being spanked, but also of the woman enjoying being spanked. Make your choice, I would be happy with either, and even happier with both.

If you like the idea of this apparel, this is a international brand!.

my only wish is that I would have thought of it before this company came into existence.

here is the link:

They also have products for men.Happy Spankings


Hermione said...

I've never heard of NBJN but I love the idea!


Njspank said...

Interesting, thanks.


Red said...

Hermione: I love the idea also, and that a qoman would enjoy wearing it in public.
Ron; you are welcome.