Annie's Woodshed

Well, if one day is a FLR, then the next should be the opposite side of the coin!.

However, in my mind, both are the same.
One partner is the spanker, and the other is submissively the recipient of the spankings.

Annie describes her blog :

This is a journal of my journey to becoming a submissive wife. Annie describes everyday events and her spankings. She is religious, as you will see from the quotes on the side of the blog.

However, I believe that a person beliefs or non-belief is irrelevant to my connecting with what they write about everyday life.
Here is one posting you might like to read....

here is her website

i recommend the site to you, just as a way of opening up different thoughts to this blog and my readers.The pictures are of my choosing, and I am uncertain if Annie would approve or not.

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