pony time

I wonder if anyone remembers the song Pony Time, by Chubby Checker. Maybe you might like to open another window to hear the song, while looking at the pictures..


When I saw these photos on a yahoo group, I just couldn't resist making a posting about it.
Of course, some men might not follow directions properly, so a little encouragement prior to riding might be necessary to achieve maximum performance.Here are the lyrics to Pony TimeIt's pony time,get upBoogety, boogety, boogety shoo

Hey now let's party with the union hall,
It's pony time when ya hear this call,
So get with it,
Don't quit it,
Get up.Do the pony with your partner,
With a big boss line,
Well anyway ya do it,
You're gonna look real fine,
So get with it,
Don't quit it,
Get up.
Now ya turn to the left when I say gee,
You turn to the right when I say haw,
Now gee, ya ya baby,
Now haw, ya oh baby, oh baby, pretty baby,
Do it baby, oh baby, oh baby,
Boogety, boogety, boogety, boogety shoo.Gonna see little Suzie, who lives next door,
She's doin' the pony, she's takin' the floor,
Eeea ah, so get with it, don't quit it, come on,
Boogety, boogety, boogety, boogety shoo.Do the pony with your pardner,
Oh in a big boss line,
But anyway you do it,
You're gonna look just fine,
So get with, Don't quit it,
Come on. EeeaaahNow you turn to the left when I say gee,
You turn to the right when I say haw,
Now gee, ya ya little baby,
Now haw, ya oh baby, oh baby, pretty baby,
Do it baby, oh baby, oh baby,
Boogety, boogety, boogety, boogety shoo.
You turn to the left when I say to
You turn to the right when i say to
now hop ya ya ya

Do the pony with your partner
And here is the reward for the best pony in town....
Happy spankings


come here now part two photos

The crooked finger, beckoning you to a sound spanking, has many erotic thrills for readers... so here is another little collection for your titillationlittle time to doodle, for you will only make the spanking harder and longer..But when she has a wicked smile, your goose is truly cooked. sometimes black and white photos are even more worrisome, because they imply no leeway in whether you will be spanked or not. You will be spanked, period...
That finger can not only mean come here but it can also mean bend there!!
Happy Spankings


Annie's Woodshed

Well, if one day is a FLR, then the next should be the opposite side of the coin!.

However, in my mind, both are the same.
One partner is the spanker, and the other is submissively the recipient of the spankings.

Annie describes her blog :

This is a journal of my journey to becoming a submissive wife. Annie describes everyday events and her spankings. She is religious, as you will see from the quotes on the side of the blog.

However, I believe that a person beliefs or non-belief is irrelevant to my connecting with what they write about everyday life.
Here is one posting you might like to read....

here is her website

i recommend the site to you, just as a way of opening up different thoughts to this blog and my readers.The pictures are of my choosing, and I am uncertain if Annie would approve or not.


humor saturdays

A quick post of some cartoons that you may have seen when growing up.

I do not really ever look for these type of comic joke magazines. Do they still exist?
With so many fun sites on the internet, I can see why they probably have disappeared.
Humor helps make the world a better place...
Look twice, and then you will Love the cameraman in this photo....
Woman drivers.... you have to love them
and is closing
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Respecting Mistress

Spanking blogs are everywhere, so you have to choose how best to spend your time, by looking for the blog or blogs that most suit your interests. A FM blog that many readers might like to read is entitled

One posting that caught my attention was
The giving up of control is quite a relief to some men. RM describes how any grumpiness is spanked away immediately. Since Cindy spanks for grumpiness, I am rarely grumpy for long.
Helping with housework is simply relieving her of doing everything, and thus Cindy is happier.

The three little rules:
Never say no to Mistress
Never question Mistress
Mistress is always right.
is something that we do not follow, as group decisions are usually better for us. However, we are thinking of writing a bit of a contract like the Spencer plan, so that things are a little more formalized when spanking is used as discipline instead of as a game. Then again, we may not write any contract, as that has negative connotations, and ou rlife is pretty damn great.

So, if this is your cup of tea, or simply wondering, I recommend you visit.
happy spankings


Prepping for dinner

Did the title intrigue you!

Prepping for "dinner at a friend's house" is sometimes needed. I asked Cindy if she would help me stay alert and friendly, and she readily agreed. She looked as happy as the woman in the next picture.We had been invited to a friend's house, and these are really nice people.

However, they talk incessantly. No lull in a conversation has ever occurred at their house. This is their only fault, but it is a big one. Drop by to bring something over, and count on ten minutes before you can leave their doorway. The detail given about any incident certainly makes you feel that you were actually at the event.

We look after their place when they are away, and they do the same for us. Enough banter. I asked Cindy if she would help me stay alert and friendly, and she readily agreed. I suggested that she use the magnastrap as it is immediately effective and lastingly memorable.
Cindy suggested I retrieve it for her, which I did.

I suggested that my being on my knees but upright on the spanking chair would give her the most effective position. Sometimes Cindy uses the magnastrap while I am lying on the bed, with my bottom raised by lying on pillows.

Cindy enjoyed herself, and I definitely felt each stroke. i had suggested maybe six would be appropriate, but Cindy did not respond to that suggestion as I got in position. Sometime I might learn that suggestions should never be made, as the spankee has no real say when about to be spanked. Your purpose is to follow directions and receive , not to lead.

Cindy gave about ten to fifteen spanks! Each one is memorable like the cane (which I still have not found, another story for another day). The spanking was slow and deliberate, so as the depth of feeling created by a spank had a chance to sink in before another blessing was bestowed. I was counting, but stopped after six!

Counting allows a mental block to come between the spankee and the spanks, such that you can reduce the feeling of the spanks by concentrating them away. This totally defeats the purpose of why I had asked to be spanked.

The last few spanks were intense, to say the least. When Cindy decided she was finished, I was informed to stand up, and I immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking. Cindy responded by saying let's finish getting ready and go.

Cindy permitted me to look in the mirror at my bottom, and one cheek was a solid red, whereas the other had much less red. Cindy may start to spank from both sides, or simply have me bend forward more, but whatever she does, it will be her choice.

I found that I once looked at the clock while at the friends house, but immediately checked myself and my behavior by thinking for a brief second of the spanking to stay focused on the monologue (oops . . conversation).

The evening went very well, but I did slip up once in raising my voice for no reason. we will be attending to that type of behavior soon.

Does any other reader get prepped before company. I (and all the readers) would really like to know more of your spanking situation.

Happy Spankings


somedays, you should not have gotten out of bed.

Well, today's little post is maybe one of your fantasies, or one of your nightmares. The above cover is from a very interesting site: http://scarletthill.com/

The woman is saying: Can I call you back in ten minutes Sheila. I just put Bob over my knee for a good sound spanking.

Imagine that your wife has told her friends about spanking you, and they all offered to give your wife a helping hand. Your wife is delighted!

However, your wife gave you a little encouragement spanking and lines to make certain you were polite and responsive to her friends efforts. You were convinced that you would stay put and accept your spankings.
Now, your wife is happy to demonstrate the method of spanking you,and is presenting your bottom for their individual turns.
I wonder which one will make your bottom match the red drawers.
Friend number one is camera shy, or is she so busy lecturing you before beginning to spankFriend number two will try to match her red miniskirt with the color of your bottom.
Friend number three is really enjoying herself
whereas friend number four is just checking to see if your bottom is roasted yet, before continuing the spanking.
But beware, the y are talking about bringing more friends and there respective partners for a real spanking soiree.
So, have a fun day, and enjoy tantalizing your imagination.
Happy Spankings


more spanking fun

Last night Cindy asked what we should do. I replied eagerly that maybe we should stay home and make love.

Cindy thought this would be a good idea, as we have been running around to different tasks a lot lately. Getting to bed late many nights, does put a little damper on making love, once you are a little bit older. (okay, a lot older)

Cindy proceeded to go to the bathroom, and run a bubble bath to relax. I went and put on panties just to spice up the activities.

Cindy lay in the bath reading cosmopolitan, that always has a little something to spark both the imagination, and the libido.

When she had finished her bath, she proceeded to put on some very sexy panties. When i came into our bedroom, Cindy displayed her sexy panties, and we cuddled and caressed.

Cindy decided that maybe we should have a little spanking entertainment tonight. That is, someone's bottom would have a little bit of fireworks, and it wasn't going to be Cindy's.

Cindy requested I get a leather implement, as she went and retrieved the spanking chair. Cindy sat on the chair, and I displayed three implements for her to choose from. The harshest was not there, but I stated that I could get any other one if she wanted.

Cindy thought that the choice was fine, and picked up our leather heart shaped studded paddle. Cindy requested that I get shoes for her feet, and like the Cinderella that she is, the shoes I choose (her regular spanking shoes) fit perfectly, after only the smallest amount of giving a little kiss and suck to her toes.

Cindy had me stand beside her, and lowered my pants. (Actually shorts, because we are having 93 plus weather, but it will get a bit milder later this week).

Cindy admired the panties, and had me bend over with the panties still covering my bottom. A slow hand spanking, followed by some caressing, and then the paddle was picked up. The soft spanks were replaced by much stronger spanks.

After a number of spanks, Cindy had me raise up so that the panties could be taken down, and out of harm's way. There is definitely a strong erotic and submissive feeling to being told to lift oneself upwards so as your bottom can be bared. {or the words lift up so your PANTIES can be LOWERED, so that I can SPANK your BARE bottom.]

The heart shaped STUDDED paddle was then applied to my bottom extremely effectively. My feet were soon dancing in unison to the spanks. First one cheek was spanked in about the same spot until my feet started to dance, and then the paddle was moved to the other cheek to maintain a beat until i was once again dancing to the rhythm.

One thing of note is that the tip of the heart is extremely disconcerting. When applied, it delves where the sun does not shine. Thus, I became quite adapt at keeping my legs together, even while my feet were dancing, and my legs were flapping. When we purchased this implement together, Cindy felt it would be too flimsy to be effective. Let everyone know that this is extremely effective, if you purchase one. The metal studs (rivets) pack a wallop, but the tip is the piece de resistence. Oh, in case I forget to mention, it wraps rather well, unfortunately, when it is used on the far cheek from the spanker.Cindy decided that the spanking was completed, and had me stand to admire her handiwork, So to speak. (maybe I should call it her paddle work) She expressed surprise, but not dismay), how deep the red went inwards on my bottom between the cheeks. she stated that must be very effective, and I agreed it was attention grabbing. I explained my closed legs approach to the spanking. Who knows if Cindy might decide my legs should be more apart when next I meet this paddle. A leg lock like the following picture would make it impossible ot close ones legs,The man's bottom shows a bright red much like mine was at this time.

I thanked Cindy for taking the time to spank me, and we resumed our hugging, kissing caressing, and mved to the bed, where the eventual orgasm for each of us was simply amazing. The spanking foreplay had extended the lovemaking, and put an edge that really drove us higher.

So for some, spanking is separate from sex, but for us, it is mostly intertwined. I do however receive discipline spankings at times, but the sex a day or two later is still enhanced by the knowledge of the recent spanking.

Happy Spankings