Once more over the knee, but not ME!

Well, this has been an amazing seven days. Cindy was spanked once, and I was spanked twice, all in the same day.

However, a separate day had only Cindy being spanked!!!!

You read correctly!
Cindy has been spanked twice in one week.

This second spanking was almost identical circumstances to the first.

Cindy lost her cool, for no real apparent reason. Yes, the item being discussed needed to be done, but it did not have to be done today, and the things already in progress were much more urgent.

So, instead of being cool and thoughtful, Cindy had a warmed bottom instead.

The short and the long of it, is that after the first initial outbursts, Cindy backed up her message that this is urgent by saying that they will all be gone from the stores!

My response of utter incomprehension at this statement, and Cindy's realization that this was not true at all, had her sense that she was on the losing end of an argument.

I reminded Cindy hat if I had started an argument where I was wrong, I would be spanked significantly! I suggested that maybe she should be spanked!

She did not disagree, but simply remained quiet.

Well NOW!!! No outright refusal!

No statement of I am not being spanked!

No statement of " you should be spanked for suggesting spanking me"!

Cindy simply stated " would the argument be over when you finish spanking me?" I readily agreed.

As I was seated on the couch, and Cindy was standing, it was quite easy to simply take her hand and gently direct her toward standing in front of me.

stated that these jeans are going to have to come down, and slowly unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled them down. Next were the panties, which I commented how beautiful they were.

I guided Cindy over my lap, but her hands on the floor were not comfortable, so we re-positioned and had her upper body resting on the couch. I started the spanking with two firm spanks, but unlike last time, no tears burst forth from Cindy.

I delayed the spanking, by explaining that this was the silliest argument we have had in ages.

Another four firm spanks, and Cindy responded with " not too many spanks please.'

My response was that the previous spanking had been fifteen, and it didn't seem to have much of a lasting effect.

Now six spanks alternating cheeks had Cindy's bottom showing a nice shade of pinkish red, and Cindy replying with owwws.

Another pause for me to enjoy the experience, and Cindy stated a hopeful " that's enough?"

No conviction in the statement, because Cindy knows she could stop the spanking immediately if she wanted to, just like I could. My response was no way, as you were given fifteen spanks the last time.

The last four spanks were given slowly and firmly, and I can tell that I enjoyed them much more than Cindy. An extra one was given to " grow on', and Cindy replied that she is maintaining her weight, not growing.

The argument was over.

What a wonderful day that was!

PS: The photos come from www.amateurspankingpictures.com
This site has many pictures that you will enjoy browsing through.
The three main photos are of Clare Fonda, who almost exclusively is the person giving the spanking, not receiving a spanking. The redness of her bottom was almost identical to Cindy's.

I thought i should include a picture of how we normally see Clare. I am certain I will be Cindy this way soon.

Happy Spankings


senorrose4 said...

VERY GOOD!!! I ADMIRE your relationship and "manner" of dealing with "power struggles" and "disagreements"!

I enjoy your blog and thanks for sharing "the fun stuff"!!!!


Hermione said...

Wow! That was a great story. Imagine Cindy losing her cool.

What's sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose!


Red said...

Bob; glad you like the blog. Every relationship evolves, and ours is evolving also. I doubt though that Cindy will be spanked at least for quite sometime in the future. But I can also dream!

Hermione: Venus and Mars changed places. Amazing. Everyone does however lose their cool sometimes.