losing weight

Well, I recently started to try to lose some weight and was successful in losing four pounds in about two weeks.

Unfortunately, I was able to put that back on in three days. Dummy!!!

I also have the habit of having a glass or two of wine with dinner every night, and much more if we have company or visit someone else's house for dinner.. Plus, occasionally, we go out to a local bar to listen to music, and I have a couple of beers and wings.

The end result is that I need help with my diet, and my drinking.

Having read Ronnie's method of having her husband use the cane to encourage weight loss, I have requested Cindy do similar weekly spankings until I am down to a better weight.
The plan we have devised is that I will receive a much harder spanking than normal (no play spanking whatsoever), and it won't stop until my feet are dancing and i am vocalizing the owwwssss, or even longer. We have two bath brushes! One is totally nasty (the Body Shop bath brush), and as Spankedhusband describes, a lighter one (Vermont Country Store bath brush).I must lose one pound a week, and the spanking will be with the lighter bath brush. If I do not lose, or actually gain, then the heavier bath brush will be used. A mid week spanking for weight may also occur, as we will have a weigh in on Tuesday, so as to make certain that no weight gain has occurred.
Drinking: It is about time that I go cold turkey. The only time I will be drinking, is when we have company,or we go out for a (uno) beer. The advantage of this is so that I can later on have a glass of wine at dinner occasionally, but not every evening, and most evenings this is two glasses at the present time.This spanking will be extremely effective, because Cindy is going to use the magnastrap with force, two strokes for every pound I am overweight. Thus tonight, after the first spanking, one or two hours later a new spanking, amounting to twenty spanks. I have never had more than three or four full strength spanks with the magnastrap, so this will really, really, really make me think twice before having a drink this coming week.To avoid this second spanking on the same Saturday, I have to not have had any inappropriate drinks, and also that I have to have lost one pound of weight that week.
The advantage of doing the drinking at the same time as the weight,is by almost entirely removing alcohol will also reduce the useless calories that come with the alcohol.

So wish me luck! I will post in a day or two about both spankings.


Anonymous said...

It has been a year since I last drank and I am 30 lbs less and feeling the best I have in years. Alcohol became a "medicine" for me over time. When I would drink I would make poor choices with lots of calories.

ronnie said...

Oh yes good luck Red. Cutting the drink will definitely help so many calories in red wine. Thanks for the mention.


Red said...

anon: My drinking is not heavy. Simply unnecessary. Two glasses of wine every night is two too many. Best to buy the really good Californian wine, and have quality occasionally. The calories I will not miss.
Ronnie; Thanks for the suggestion in your blog. How is the weight issue going?
Happy Spankings

Anonymous said...


Try the dukan diet on amazon. It really works. dropped 15 ponds in two weeks and it stays off. Wonderful website.

best wishes to you both


Red said...

Nicola: I will take a look in a little while. Now I am simply watching portion size, cutting down on snacking, working out at the gym, and less alcohol. However, does not muscle weigh more than fat.