having fun -spanking and sex

Last night, just before going to sleep, we cuddled and started kissing a little more amorously than normal.

I suggested to Cindy that maybe she should give me a little spanking.

Cindy happily agreed, and as she sat up on the bed, I was quickly bare bottom over her lap.

Cindy has developed a very strong hand, and excellent technique in warming my bottom. I was thinking a few playful spanks, but Cindy always prefers to do a job correctly.

Thus, the spanking lasted a while, with a couple of pauses and caresses. Cindy loves to spank just one spot for a while, before moving onward.

Cindy announced that my bottom was a very nice shade of pinkish red all over, so what were we dong before I started to spank you. :)

(wink wink nudge nudge you know what I mean you know what i mean)

The sex was fabulous, with both of us pleasuring each other orally! Cindy had a great orgasm, and I later climaxed inside her.

In keeping with yesterday's posting, I was only thinking of Cindy's well being. I can tell you that clearly, if we are having mood enhancing spankings whenever the mood or moodiness strikes, the spankings and the semen definitely cures us of any depression.

Happy spankings


Anonymous said...

Mmm....love thinking how this went down... :)

Red said...

Anon;p Glad you liked the idea. keep dreaming, and hopefully your dreams will come true.