First session of weight loss plan

If you are ever wanting a bit of motivation, try a long harder than normal spanking!

Now, to be perfectly clear, you have to be the recipient of the spanking, not the spanker.

Cindy has agreed with the plan (I suggested the plan), and is enthusiastic in helping me be healthier.

Any inconvenience due to having a sore bottom is incidental. Also, whenever I go to the gym, I will be using the shower curtain to shower, thus eliminating any problem of someone seeing my red bottom. Both my wife and I work out at the same gym, so we do not need to publicize our lifestyle amongst people who know us to some extent.

The plan is described in a post on April 2,2011. Click here

This will be a regular Saturday event, until I lose 10 pounds. The date may move to Friday or Sunday, depending on circumstances.

Cindy called me to our bedroom, and requested I fetch the the spanking chair. Cindy promptly sat down, and requested I retrieve the Body Shop bath brush. After that, I then retrieved the shoes that Cindy usually uses while sitting on the chair while spanking me. The shoes let her feet sit comfortably on the floor, thus supporting my body's weight easily.

Cindy patted her lap, which is her signal for me to bare my bottom and scoot over her lap immediately. I have once played dumb and climbed over her knee with my pants up! Cindy just started spanking extremely hard for a minute, and then paused., asking if I thought I should bare my bottom so that the spanking could start. OOPS!

When are bottomed over her lap, Cindy asked if I was comfortable, that my back was fine, and then started spanking with strength.
Cindy started the spanking with the bath brush., and as this was purely discipline, no warm-up was given.

Cindy started spanking, and in no time my feet were dancing. Her method of spanking is that she sometimes alternates cheeks, sometimes simply dallies in one spot until my feet are really dancing, and then moves to the top of the backs of my legs.

Cindy paused when the owwss were being heard, indicating how effective she was being!

Cindy summarized why I was over her knee, and suggested ideas and strategies that I should consider using.

Then, a renewal of the spanking resulting in more foot dancing and oowwing. In all, I might have been over her lap for a good five minutes, when she finally asked if I had thought about what she had stated. I said I would think about it a lot. She stated she was just pausing as her arm was sore from having lifted weights earlier that day in the gym.

Cindy then started by saying let's just have a few more good ones to make certain you remember. Each spank was much harder, and elicited an owwwww and foot dancing. Cindy paused after each spank until I was calm, and then gave another strong spank. OWWW

There might have been ten to twenty, I have no idea. Sometimes I have been in the midst of being spanked, and wondering why I ever asked to be in this position. Let me tell you that my mind was not wandering to think these thoughts, and was simply focused on trying to sense and brace myself for the next spank. Cindy had to remind me to relax, take a deep breath and keep breathing, no holding your breath. As soon as I relaxed, the next spank lit up my bottom.

Cindy finally decided that this was enough for the first day, and stated I could get up.

I thanked her for the spanking, and was permitted to look at my fire engine colored bottom in the mirror.

Cindy stated we would wait an hour or two before the drinking spanking with the magnastrap, as it is time for me to prepare supper.

I will post of this second spanking tomorrow. For your information, I am writing this almost 24 hours after this first spanking, and the bottom half of my bottom and the top of my legs are still a deep red, and I am aware of the soreness while I am sitting typing this.

Happy Spankings


Respecting Mistress said...


Nice post. It's going to be intersting to see how your plan works out. I'm overweight too so I think I could end up following your example. Trouble is, with my lack of willpower when it comes to cake, I'll end up being spanked every weigh-in. And those bath brushes are just plain nasty.

Hermione said...

That sounds like a good incentive to stop taking in all those extra calories that alcohol has. Red wine has its merits, but alas, there is a downside. Good luck!


Red said...

Respecting Mistress: Simply stop purchasing cake, unless yo have company. (PS: Have company often, but purchase a SMALL high quality cake). Good luck

Hermione: But they say one glass of red wine is good for you, so two glasses should be doubly good for you!

jim said...

This is exactly what I need to loose weight. I sure wish it was available somewhere in Maryland.

Red said...

Jim: best wishes in finding a soul mate, who also is willing to spank you. The soul mate is MORE important.
bottoms up