Cindy Spanked

This is one of a very few postings on this topic.

Our spankings are consensual, and Cindy is rarely spanked for real.

That is, a spanking that is not meant to be play, but has the purpose of solving a problem!

Cindy is occasionally spanked for play, but when in a playful mood she simply laughs through the spanking.

This spanking was because of a major disagreement! One which we have had before.

The details of the argument are not important!

The result was that we both were very mad and upset.

Some may say that is a reason for me to be spanked, and if Cindy had stated:

" I am going to solve this problem, go get the bath brush for me to use on your bottom", then I would have complied.

I went and worked in the garage cleaning up, and Cindy went on her way doing I know not what!

About one hour later, Cindy came into the garage and stated hat she "was sorry for the argument, and that I should spank her for the argument."

My reply was that I was sorry for the argument also, but I only give you play spankings.

Cindy's response was that I get spanked for real when I do something wrong, so she wanted to be spanked to solve this problem. Cindy informed me that I could only use my hand, no implement. Cindy also stated that after I spanked her, the argument is over and done with. [I imagine Danielle would approve of this consensual method]

I agreed!We went to our bedroom, and I slowed things a little to heighten the effect. I requested Cindy should get the spanking chair, that i would sit on while spanking her.

I had Cindy stand beside me, as I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down, and then slowly lowered her panties.I patted my knee, and Cindy promptly lowered herself onto my lap. I, like Cindy does, asked her if her legs were okay, and if her arms were okay, as I wanted her comfortably settled over my knees.

I knew this spanking would be short, so I gave two sharp spanks to start, and Cindy burst into tears. This was not that the spanks were very hard, just the emotion of the situation. I immediately asked if i should stop, and Cindy recovered her emotions and stated no, I want you to spank me.

I gave another four sharp spanks, and totally enjoyed the view of my beautiful wife over my knees. (no tears but a few owwwsss) A short pause, and then four more spanks.Cindy's bottom was now quite red, and Cindy stated that should be enough. I replied four more to be certain we do have this argument again. Cindy remained over my knee, and after pausing a number of seconds, gave four slow spanks, and one to grow on.{Aside: Cindy's bottom always shows marks or red, that fade quickly, simply by sitting on something like a slat chair, or a rumpled blanket.)

We cuddled, and expressed our love for each other. We talked a little about how wonderful our life is, and that trivia should never lead to an argument.
When Cindy stood up, the bottom half of her bottom was red, but the top half absolutely white. I thought I was spanking her entire bottom, and now realize that over the knee keeps the top portion of the bottom unspanked, for fear of spanking bone and doing actual harm.
What a delightful way to solve an argument!
Aside: this was the second spanking of the day, as my post of yesterday when I was spanked for the tissue issue in doing laundry happened earlier in the same day.

Yesterday's post of the spanking in the kitchen was actually my second spanking in this same day.The first was the tissue issue, then later Cindy was spanked (described above) , and then at dinnertime the kitchen issue was dealt with.

That night, when we went to bed, we had absolutely fabulous cuddling, and kissing, leading to great sex. Three spankings in one day is a record for us, not likely to be repeated.
Happy Spankings


senorrose4 said...

I love your relationship with each other!!

Thanks for sharing!!


Danielle said...

Yes, you're right Red. I seldom get spanked nowadays. Yet, I don't forget the relief of a spanking putting matters straight.

Red said...

Bob: so do I . I am extremely fortunate.
Danielle; Well, all I can say is that as soon as you are well enough, I hope you get spanked. :) And may you be in perfect helath very very soon.

Hermione said...

Cindy knows the value of a spanking from both points of view. She's a wise woman.

Three in one day - WOW!


Red said...

Hermione; Definitely useful to experience a spanking from both sides of the spanking hand. It was quite some day.
Spankings can be worthwhile, without having to last an exceptionally long time.