Part two of plan

To continue this little adventure, supper was served hot, and my bottom was certainly feeling hot also.

About an hour after dinner, we decided to finish the spanking.

I retrieved the magna strap, and Cindy requested that I should lay on the bed for this spanking.

I put two pillows on the bed to raise my bottom.

Cindy practiced a couple of spanks onto the pillow to get her aim and strength gauged. The first two attempts sounded timid, but the third was a corker.

As I am 10 pounds over the desired weight, the spanking was to be 20 spanks, two each per pound. Let me remind everyone, just like the name of the blog states, that this was consensual. Cindy is spanking me on my request and on my behalf. Cindy asked for assurance, that this is what I wanted!

I bared my bottom, and laid my midsection over the pillows.

Cindy remarked what a bright red shade I already had on my bottom!

Cindy then slowly started the spanking, and I was instructed to count the spanks. Let me express that each spank had one or both feet doing a little dance. Some spanks were intense, and some less intense. Some elicited an automatic yelp from my lips that I could not suppress.

Cindy waited with the next spank until I had stated the count, which allowed me to recover a little before the next spank. It is quite amazing that while you are looking forward, that you are so acutely aware of what is happening behind you.

This implement is very silent on it's approach. Cindy informed me to relax my bottom a couple of times, in that I must have been clenching them as tight as possible to project a smaller target. Not really a good idea, because then the strap would wrap a little around to the side of my leg.

My bottom and the top of the back of the legs were well and thoroughly spanked.

I thanked Cindy for spanking me, but, to be honest, she was more upset with using the magna strap than I was.

This is being written 44 hours after the spanking, and there is only a small reddish or should I say pinkish hue to a part of my bottom. However, I still feel the soreness whenever I sit.

The wicked strap will not re-appear unless I start drinking foolishly. The other part of the spanking will continue weekly until I lose 10 pounds!

PS: this is not my bottom, which was much redder both above and below these red parts.

The aftermath:
Later that night, we had absolutely knock your socks off sex. Cuddling, kissing fondling, licking sucking and fucking. Cindy loves to be on top and grind my bottom into the bed when it has been spanked. She also expressed her satisfaction of spanking me while we were making love, which adds to both of our excitement.

This is sort of a win win situation.

When the spanking is very severe, it i s something to be avoided! My weight after the cruise had gone up to 184, and I slowly had gotten it to 180. Then it started creeping back upwards. I tried to eat more sensibly, and it dropped a couple more pounds, but then foolish eating and drinking brought it right back up.

Now it is 2 or 3 pounds below 180, which I have not seen in years. The simplicity of the diet is to eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid desserts and alcohol, and work out at the gym, besides jogging. I am snacking still, but on healthy items. One idea I remember is if it is processed and packaged: think bad, if it is not processed: then think good. 170 for my height would be a really good number., and in the normal range for my height! 180 is only somewhat into the obese level.

Wish me luck, and thanks for the suggestions some people have sent privately!

Happy Spankings (I am liking this phrasing more than cheers)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your weight loss. I did the same thing with my wife. My wife paddled me 2 whacks for every pound I was over weight over and above my discipline spankings. I am 5'9" and I weighed 220 pounds. I am now down to 158 pounds and I held it for over a year now. My goal was 180 pounds. After I made 180 pounds my wife told me if I lost more weight she would reward my with extra sex. It has been wonderful.


senorrose4 said...

Cindy is a GOOD companion meeting your needs without being a "ruthless and sadistic" type of person!! You should be very GRATEFUL for her attitude, affection, and LOVE!!!

I enjoy your blog!! Thanks!!!


Red said...

Dan: Extra sex is always wonderful for both participants. Glad to know the plan worked for you.

Bob: your comment is Totally true I am fortunate and grateful.


Danielle said...

Great post Red. I missed the spankings in your posts lately.

ronnie said...

With Cindy's help you certainly will stay on track. Snacking at night is my downfall.

Thanks for sharing

Good luck Red.


Red said...

Danielle: Both you and I have missed the spanking postings, as their had been a lull in spankings. I can however attest to their return in frequency and intensity. Glad you approve of the spankings.
Ronnie: snacking may be part of my downfall. I will work on it between now and next weigh in. Since Saturday I dropped two pounds, then regained one of them. That includes the fact that I have worked, gone to the gym, and worked outside in the garden and jogging, with no alcohol. Maybe it is all turning into muscle, which I am told weighs more.
Happy spankings

Anonymous said...

"Cindy requested that I should lay on the bed"

Correct English is lie on the bed.
Lie and lay are used so often in spanking discussions that you really should try to get them right.

Red said...

Anon: shucks... grammar was never one of my stellar points. Can't wait for programmers to develop language usage error correction.
happy spankings