another dumb mistake

Well, sometimes you mess up.

Maybe you don't, but I find that a little hard to believe.

I like to help around the house, seeing that we both are almost completely retired.

We occasionally work one or two days a week at times when wanting to get out of the house and make a little extra cash in our former jobs.

How did I mess up this time, you might ask?

Yesterday, I decided to do a bit of the washing, but forgot to check the pockets of things being washed.

You guessed it!

Kleenex tissues in one of the pockets. A few Kleenex tissues.

The tissue was everywhere.

No fear, let's put them in the dryer and most of the tissue will come off. Does Not really work completely in actual fact.

When the dryer was done, quite a lot of tissue was still on the clothes. A good shake and a lot of the tissue came off, and then I painstakingly picked off most of the tissue.

I left two articles on the dryer, and only remembered two days later. Cindy suggested we use Scotch Tape to pick it off. Scotch Tape really did the trick. [Does this posting sound like a commercial]

So, brilliant reader, where did I go wrong????
Well, I shook the clothes in the house, instead of going outside! Thus, two days later, while using the tape, Cindy asked if I had swept up, as I said I had shook the other clothes. OOPS!!! I then realized that the little bits of white fluff on the carpets was probably tissue.

Thus, it was bare bottom bending over at the waist for a little reminder to finish the job properly, or to do it properly in the first place.

Cindy was dong the talking, and the wooden hair brush was delivering the message.

As this happened only two days after the spanking for weight and drinking, it was well felt.

I thought it might be a few spanks, but it was well over twenty rapid fire hard spanks! Counting did not deter feeling the heat of the spanks, and I stopped counting quickly.

Cindy paused, then finished with a flourish of many more just on one cheek to end.

This really set my bottom on fire.I have come to realize that learning is a life long experience.

Happy Spankings


OnHerKnee said...

You know I really love the first pictue especially being B&W. Very traditioal 50ish... which makes it very sexy in my mind. She's pissed and someone is going to have a sore ass... Not conjecture, it's a fact.

Red said...

The Lady is from the WHAP website that used to exist. Now, it is defunct, and other sites simply try to use the material to sucker you into their site.
Glad you liked the photo.
happy spankings

Anonymous said...

Oh, YES Aunt Keri Pentauk of WhAP! I remember her well - all her diaper punishments, mouth soapings, and panties down spankings for naughty boys. The very retro 50s look of Her black and whites in her 1980s mags were nevertheless red hot and each one told a strict story worth 1,000 words. I still have an audio tape of her "Visit to Aunties" that gives me goosebumps to hear. She even sent me an autographed 5X7 glossy as a reminder to be good. I was a diehard subscriber - until the internet signaled WhAP's demise.

Your latest correction from Cindy for the tissues in the wash fits right in that same scene but is much more of an immediate and tangible learning experience than a glossy 5X7 - a lesson you can sit on.

On a nostaglia note, does anyone know whatever happened to Aunt Keri? Where is she now? (sigh)

Danielle said...

Laughing out loud! The first mistake could happen to anyone, but then showering the carpet with tissue parts that's another matter. It's great to read that Cindy took care of you immediately.

Red said...

Sweetsuds; Thanks for the info on Aunt Keri. I do own one book purchased from WHAP. IF anyone knows anything about her current status, do tell us all.

Danielle; Always like to be able to make you laugh.