F/M humor Saturday

This would be appropriate for the recent royal wedding, but should say your grandmother
Of course, I doubt that they will be doing dishes, unfortunately.
and you can be certain they will be clean


always enjoy living near the ocean

Today is simply a little picture melody of why you should live only a short distance from the beach..
For me, the waves are always great to look at...
Whereas some people simply admire a calm seaThere are always some new fashions ( COLORED DENTAL FLOSS) to see in beachwear.. (or not be able to see as may be the case) and always people having fun (remember to switch roles every now and then)
So whether you prefer solitude
or being with friends
Do come to Sunny Florida soon!
However, beware of hurricane reactions to this post...
both outdoorsand disturbances at home


outdoor fun

For all spankers and spankees living in Canada, it is now the time of year when you can have fun in the great outdoors.
Maybe you might even take a picture not showing faces so that you can share with close spanking friends.
Even Audrey is sharing in the bare bottomed fun.
So whether you are in your backyard pool
or have brought your trusty bath brush for a walk in the woods and an old log is conveniently beckoning
Maybe the backyard is simply a delightful place to light a fire
or even if it is a tad windy
Maybe you might even invite a friend to help..
Start spanking those buns in the great outdoors.
Happy Spankings


Happy evening: spanked

As a few commenters , and many spanking bloggers have mentioned, spanking is something that goes through phases. The spankings may be many for and often for a while, and then they almost disappear for a few weeks.

We definitely go through these phases.

Sometimes Cindy has a philosophical aversion to spanking me to solve problems, thinking that we can simply talk them out. Sometimes out of nowhere (as far as I can tell), Cindy just picks up a utensil in the kitchen, and states bend over. During the spanking I am made aware of the reason, and agree that I have erred, unwittingly.

Yesterday, after my request, Cindy spanked me to help solve some of my grumpiness and stress. If the truth were told, I believe we both have been grumpy at each other to some extent. However, assigning guilt is simplified by my being spanked, and both of us being in a happier mood afterwards.The spanking helped to eliminate my grumpiness, and I definitely was not in a position to explain why I thought Cindy was being grumpy. When you are bare bottomed over your partner's knees, and she is applying a hair brush with vigor and knowledge, one becomes much more acquiescent.Cindy started spanking with the hair brush immediately, with no hand spanking as a warm-up. After a good volley of spanks, she paused and explained one thing that I had been doing that was annoying her.

One definitely listens while this information is being relayed to you, as you know that the spanking is in no way over. Being over her knees, feet and hands touching the floor on each side of her, makes one very aware of your vulnerability. This pause, I think, increases the emotional content of the spanking.The spanking re-commenced, and the hair brush visited the same spot on my bottom,, until my feet were dancing. Cindy remarked while moving the hairbrush to a different place : " oh, are your feet dancing for me".
Your partner commenting on your reactions makes the spanking even more personal, and more effective. The comment brings you back into more mental awareness that you are being spanked, and exactly how you are reacting. Cindy then started spanking the top part of the back of my legs, and the dancing continued.

Cindy stopped again, and stated another reason for this spanking. I was definitely agreeing with her and stating I would change this as soon as possible.

After this 30 second or more respite, the spanking once again commenced going from cheek to cheek, higher, lower, back of legs, same spot, different spot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Cindy finally put the hair brush down, but then used her hand in its hardest shape to add a few more solid thuds to my bottom.

Cindy stated she was finished, and that I could get up. I thanked her for the spanking, and again later that evening thanked her again for the spanking.

A very thoroughly reddened bottom, and a much less grumpy man.
Happy Spankings


prepare yourself

I came across a really good topic that you might like to comment on, and also vote on the method. Today, I will focus simply on who bares your bottom for a spanking, but will then follow-up with what happens between your bottom being bared, and awaiting the first spank. The longer the space of time between being bared, and being spanked, can grettly enhance the experience for both participants.


What Pixie wrote is quite fun to read."

A few years back when I would meet with a spanker for disciplinary spankings, I would sometimes be ordered to prepare myself. I had to lie over the back of the couch, bare bottom perched up high, ready for whatever awful implement was headed my way. I hated it with a passion.

I could handle taking down my pants and panties as I knew the spankings were almost always going to be straight to the bare and I’d rather undress myself than have someone else do it for me. But having to wait in such a exposed position was perhaps as much punishment as the spanking itself.

While lying over a soft yet sturdy low-back couch was surprisingly comfortable, having my bottom on display was certainly not. I could feel the cool air on my naked cheeks and all I could think about was my impending doom. Much like the corner, I couldn’t easily see what was going on around me, and more importantly behind me. That always makes me nervous but especially so when there is a very good chance that the shuffling noise I hear behind me is someone reaching into a toy bag to retrieve a paddle or a strop!

There was never a set amount of time I could be left to wait. I might have only a few seconds between getting into position and my spanking or I could be left for what seemed like an eternity as the spanker attended to another task such as checking his email. Unable to relax for a moment, I had little else to focus on but what my poor bottom was in for and how I’d managed to get myself into so much trouble yet again.

I’d have to admit that this technique certainly did increase the intensity of my punishment without necessarily affecting the severity of the spanking (though they were quite firm, believe me!). For those of you that spank, do you ever incorporate an unspecified amount of wait time to up the anticipation or do you prefer to tend to the naughty bottom as soon as possible? And for spankees that may have experienced getting into position and waiting, are you anxious for your spanking to start or can you ignore your vulnerable position and enjoy your last reprieve?"

The Poll: title:
"When you are informed that you will be spanked"

When you are informed that you will be spanked

How is your bottom bared for a spanking?

My partner tells me to bare my bottom
my partner simply nods and I bare my bottom
my partner bares my bottom
I am not in a spanking relationship

Current Results




The yahoo groups that Mooska has are listed on the side panel. I will have to learn how to add text to pictures, and then start having some fun creating my own.
Another definition of a very good day would be a consensual spanking relationship where both partners are spanked.
But, just wondering, would you want to be spanked first, or second. Would the spanker be uncomfortable sitting on a chair with you OTK, or would that simply spur the partner to spank harder and longer?
Your thoughts on this delightful dilemma would be appreciated.


MAN without a paddle

If you look carefully at this picture, you will se a man without a paddle. Could someone please help him!! Okay, this nice lady retrieved a paddle for him, and now she is giving it to him.
Okay, some days you need a little reality check. We can try to pose wonderfully, but it just does not work. The mirror never lies.
Reality is what ever happensIf it rains a little too much, then Go Fishing!!!
But somehow, your wife might not believe that you were out fishing..
So, have a happy weekend of spankings
Whether outdoors or indoors. cheers


Gas coupons

I didn't realize this but these coupons are good for one gallon of gas at most retailers.

I've seen them around lots but never knew what they were for.
You probably have one lying around somewhere - Make sure to use it before it expires!

You smiled, or was that a grimace..okay, maybe these photos will make you smile