Orient Beach , St Martin

I previously alluded to going to a nude beach, and thought I should follow-up with some photos and hopefully some people will add to the discussion with their opinions.

First, the description of the beach. Beautiful, with 4/5 of the beach being topless optional, and 1/5 being clothing optional. So, as the clothing optional was situated at the far RIGHT end of the beach when you face the water, most people had to deliberately walk there. The taxis normally dropped you at the middle of the beach area, so you went there only if you wanted to.

The next picture shows a portion of the topless optional beach.
If you wanted to walk to the nude beach , you had to pass through this no man's land so to speak.
The yellow umbrellas in a distance denote the Nude beach area.
Being nude in public is not frightening, when you are at a nudist resort. The area is further denoted by the big sign that I have a tthe top of this posting, and these rocks that you have to climb over. Taxis do stop here also, for those wanting to go or leave the nudist part of the beach.Being naked is the most natural thing to do IF YOU CAN OVERCOME THE PURITANICAL VIEWPOINT that most of us Americans have been brought up with. (I would say that this also applies in general to Canadians, Brits, and most other English speaking countries.

I have visited nude beaches before, but this was the first time for Cindy. It helped her confidence that we did not go with anyone we knew, that we were on a Caribbean island, and mostly Cindy sat naked under the umbrella. The sun was VERY HOT.

They prefer that you not take pictures, but I took a few to illustrate my point from a distance.

Many people were at the beach from cruise ships, and specifically wanted to explore what type of people would be naked. The answer was every type of person. Tall, short, slim, larger, young, older, partially clothed, totally naked, totally clothed, and completely relaxed.

Many people walked the beach fully clothed, simply to see what type of person would be naked. You could not accidentally get to this portion of the beach by happenstance.

People at the beach renting chairs and umbrellas were totally naked, topless only, or wearing a bathing suit (some women wearing top and bottom. Many women went in the water only topless, whereas men normally went in without clothes.
The point is you did what you wanted to do. Numerous people walked the beach naked, and I was thrilled when Cindy agreed to us doing the same. It is fun to walk by totally clothed people, when on the naturist side of the beach.
So, I highly recommend you consider going to a clothing optional beach, but only when it is hot.oh well


Hermione said...

Very intriguing, Red. I think I might ask Ron what he would think about going to a nude beach. I'm not sure if I'd enjoy it, but it might be fun to fantasize.


Red said...

Hermione: It was wonderful. I must admit that Cindy and I first walked through the area in our bathing suits, and then when back at our towels, etc. Cindy agreed to go back and take off our clothes. I was happily surprised that she was willing. Good luck in suggesting to Ron

ronnie said...

Red - We've not actually sunbathed on a nudist beach have walked through a few in swimwear. I used to go topless all the time on the beach. Still do when there's just the two us around holiday villas.


Red said...

Ronnie; glad to hear the European version! Probably many Britons also are similar, and the more reserved people are (older) Americans Would you and husband go nude at a beach? Worth a go don't you think?