fake or real

Spankings can be play, or spankings can be disciplinary. However the intensity and duration of each type of spanking could be exactly same. What for one person is pleasure, could for another person be much less pleasure.

As Hermione loved yesterday's post, I am once again attempting to supply a little humor with a touch of reality.

FAKE OR REAL: Here is a short test for you to take, as to whether the breasts pictured are Fake or Real. Personally, I believe it is unfortunate that women feel society pressure that they should have enhanced breasts. I adore natural breasts. The good thing of visiting a nudist resort/beach is that most of the people there accept their bodies for what they are. Thus, you see all sizes and shapes, male and female, which is pleasant. [no staring]

so click on the test.... and enjoy.

More on spanking tomorrow.until then...
At least one person is enjoying this spanking


HERsubmissivehusband said...

Most often...my Wife delivers spankings...(punishment, management, or play) with nearly identical intensity...this is after all Her choice...and i must submit...but always, always, always...they are administered with love...and they always, always, always...leave quite an impression on me!

Red said...

Hersubmissivehusband: thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I agree with HSH, especially the impression part, lol. Enjoy your blog, on and BTW I got a 16 on your test.
Wonder what that means??? LOL


Red said...

James: glad you like the blog. I got 18, but means we just like natural.