Taking advantage of opportunities

Well, we are not yet home, but we did have some quality free time available, and Cindy made good use of it. Our friends were out, and we were in the kitchen when a little disagreement arose.

This inevitably lead to a request to bare my bottom, and a good strong application of a wooden kitchen implement built a good fire, and certainly solved the minor disagreement.

I do not have access to my home computer (obviously), and the computer I am using is really bad.

Thus, pictures to accompanying any short post is really not possible.

D has suggested that a joke I sent to her was sexist (it was meant to be laughingly funny in its sexist absurdity ), and jokingly(??) stated that Cindy should spank me for it. Thus, maybe this spanking would be sufficient. (D : what do you think)

The blog will have regular posting by the weekend.



ronnie said...

Nice to hear from you Red. See you when you get home.


Anonymous said...

Red- What was the disagreement in the kitchen? I can see it ended resolutely and quickly! :)

Hermione said...

Hi Red,

I'm glad you were able to give us a quick update.

Thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

who has control of the wooden spoons? and who wears the apron?

are con-spatulations in order??

Red said...

Ronnie; Nice to hear from you also, and looking forward to catching up on your blog.
Weave: I have already forgotten the problem. Hope it doesn't re-occur.
Hermione: looking forward to looking at your blog again.
Thinking of you to in that cold northern climate.
Sweetsuds: smiles... I have no problem helping with dinner. I do great New England lobster dinners.

Danielle said...

I don't think so Red! (in response to both questions..)Like J you get away too often doing misdeeds without a spanking. Therefore you certainly should get this one.

Red said...

Danielle: And I thought you were a loving friend. I will let Cindy know what your thoughts were on this matter. I, will, in future, remember your sensibilities in sending jokes.