Some photos

Well, I have almost a month of bills to deal with, and enough other items to keep me busy for quite some time. So this will be a quick post, so I can get back to completing chores.
This first drawing might fit in well with Underling's wedding vows.It is worth noting that Motivation to stay on task is always close at hand. The first drawing mentions other topics, that I might ost about a t some later date. Hoiwever, they are not something we pursue. Thus the bathroom scene is only spanking.Now in the next photo, the hand spanking part is over, and seemingly very effective, and the paddle now awaits the underwear being lowered.This is a clearly effective spanking, if the lady raises her arm so high to bring the hairbrush or paddle downwards with strength.
and just do not EXPECT or receive any sympathy when the spanking is finished.but you may be fortunate enough to reward your wife.cheers


Anonymous said...

Wow I love the last picture, her partly dressed and in control, him naked. Holding his head so he can lick and taste her. Her long legs in high heels. The control she has is over powering, wish I were between her sweet thighs, this is where all of us men need to be, and it would be my pleasure to serve her and bring her to climaxe after climax.

OnHerKnee said...

I certainly have to agree with you on 'picture 5', that elevated hairbrush is a certain sign of a woman with a message to deliver with true determination that
will not be stopped..

Red said...

anon; glad you like the photo. I will post about the site i found it on at a later date
onherknee: yes, and he is comfortably (?) positioned so that his arms do not hold his weight, and his legs are laying flat also. His bottom will be in for a long spanking, and appears to be a second paddle awaiting if you look carefully.