on vacation

Sorry for not updating the blog, but we are on a last minute cruise vacation. Curently just back from the beach, going for a beer, or two..
and then off to the next port.
The blog will spring back to life in about two weeks or so..

Rest assured, that the walls on the cruise ship may be thin, but the bathbrush is amking my feet do a dance almost daily. It definitley is relieving the stress from the problems alluded to in an earlier post, and we are once agian enjoying life...

happy spankings

Ps: visited a nudist beach with a small blush on my bottom...



widgets said...

Your blushing bottom is relieving a lot of stress which you have built up, like aj you are in dire need of this relief.

Underling said...

Ah, those last minute cruise vacations. Don't you just hate them? Such an inconvenience. ;)

Seriously, glad you're having a good time and de-stressing. And your cabin neighbours are probably just putting those odd noises down to the wind in the rigging. Or something.

'Those seagulls almost sound like they're in pain, don't they dear?' :)

john said...

Enjoy your vacation

Hermione said...

Happy spanking to you, too - on the nudist beach, if you dare!


ronnie said...

Sounds like your having a wonderful holiday Red.

See you when you get back.


BOB said...

I hope that you enjoy your vacation. Thanks again for posting all of the various spanking artwork and photos

Red said...

Rachel: relieving stress is always helpful for both participants.
Underling: it is tough having to go on last minute cruises. Another day, another beautiful beach...Those seagulls were relatively quiet, but effectively looked after.
John: thanks
Hermione: Now,we must talk sometime young lady, about dares. Methinks, tis you who has not accepted my dare. Alas, in public is just not our thing, but I will comment in a post about the nudist beach.
Ronnie: definitely a great vacation... as it should be..
Bob: glad you like my postings