an interesting conversation

While waiting outside a store for friends, I overheard a very interesting conversation, three days ago. I wanted to write it down, but did not have time or utensils.

One woman (in her mid 30's) was talking on the telephone in a very strong authoritative voice.

This caught my attention instantly....

As best as I can remember, the conversation I heard

"Yes, this is unacceptable behavior and you must not accept it. You have to be in charge.

You are going to have to firmly change this behavior.

Remember he is not YOUR child, he is your boyfriend, but......

and then the woman walked away out of hearing range....

OH! to be a fly on the wall and be able to follow along to hear the entire conversation....

In keeping with Hermione's complete the caption...

You could leave a comment of how the remainder of the conversation went in your opinion....



  1. The next time that happens, tell him if he does it again he's going to go to the naughty spot.



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