Eager to lick

In an earlier post, I had stated about difficulty in finding pictures of men pleasing women orally, that is cunnilingus. Definitely everyman and woman hopefully is a cunning linguist.

Well, in my clicking on a picture, and finding the site where the picture came from has lead to t a treasure trove of pictures.The photos can be romantic, as below, but the man's attention is to bringing his partner to a shattering orgasm.I am not the first to have found the site, as it has a plethora of followers.http://eagerlicker.tumblr.com/ is the site that you can click to.
However, if you click on the label cunnilingus, .you can get to all photos labeled as such.The site has much to offer, with more than 1000 pages. You will also find erotic nudes, some mutual oral, and ladies pleasuring themselves.
The photos can be instructional, or motivating to trying new locations to add an extra thrill.
Athleticon his knees
mutual oral
in the kitchen

You can also find dominate scenarios, as the one below.It took a while to check this site out thoroughly for my readers.

What lengths I go to on your behalf.



spankedbywife said...

Great post.

And I love to 'pleasure' my Lady this way. (Or is it pleasing myself?)

k said...

Thank you for the photos...Women are never so beautiful as when they are embracing Their Dominance and being fulfilled at the same time...it is my absolute favorite thing...to bring pleasure orally to my Wife...whether on my knees on the floor...between Her legs in our bed...or with Her squatting down on my face...i relish the privilege of serving Her for as often as She desires in this fashion...i am one lucky man!

Anonymous said...

Now this is a fitness regimen I could get into. Lovely and warm pics. Nice place to spend some worthwhile hours

Red said...

Ken: Pleasing your partner brings pleasure to yourself also.
hersubmissivehusband: you are wlelcome
sweetsuds A wonderful place for certain

Anonymous said...

I Love these...Pleasing our ladies...must I say more!

Red said...

D: glad you liked them..maybe visit website ot see more

BOB said...

Great photos , Red ! I was without internet for a while.And this post was one of the first things i saw when i got back online. Thanks for posting the photos.You are correct about there being much fewerphotos on the internet showing men orally pleasing women , then the reverse.That fact makes the photos that you posted especiially appreciated

Red said...

Bob: gald to hear you are now re-connected. The source is a neat site to visit now and then.