Eager to lick

In an earlier post, I had stated about difficulty in finding pictures of men pleasing women orally, that is cunnilingus. Definitely everyman and woman hopefully is a cunning linguist.

Well, in my clicking on a picture, and finding the site where the picture came from has lead to t a treasure trove of pictures.The photos can be romantic, as below, but the man's attention is to bringing his partner to a shattering orgasm.I am not the first to have found the site, as it has a plethora of followers.http://eagerlicker.tumblr.com/ is the site that you can click to.
However, if you click on the label cunnilingus, .you can get to all photos labeled as such.The site has much to offer, with more than 1000 pages. You will also find erotic nudes, some mutual oral, and ladies pleasuring themselves.
The photos can be instructional, or motivating to trying new locations to add an extra thrill.
Athleticon his knees
mutual oral
in the kitchen

You can also find dominate scenarios, as the one below.It took a while to check this site out thoroughly for my readers.

What lengths I go to on your behalf.



Humor Sundays

I am uncertain where I copied these from, but hopefully at least one will tickle your funny bone. These panties can have two glorious meanings!
The panties could result in encouraging a person from sitting out a lot of dances, and being a wall-flower.
Another way of cooling down after a spanking!
Another good reason for a spanking. Motivation!
This one is great to know that in 1949, these type of magazines were being sold.
Looks like fun to me!
and to close this post
A button to wear
but beware of the consequences!cheers



Passing a store titled bubba gump, they had this pair of boxers hanging in the doorway. I thought some of our readers might have liked to purchase these boxers, so I took a photo of them.Only on reflection: I should have bought them for Hermione, Ronnie, Bonnie and Danielle. Bonnie, Danielle and Ronnie's size is relatively known, but Hermione's is still a mystery. Maybe, hopefully, we will meet these ladies and their spouses someday.

The result of stating this though might well be the following from Cindy.(purchasing boxers for other women?) At least, Cindy spanks in private so none of these ladies would see it. Danielle's would rarely wear them.
I doubt if they would stay up over my bottom for long any day that I would wear them!


Some photos

Well, I have almost a month of bills to deal with, and enough other items to keep me busy for quite some time. So this will be a quick post, so I can get back to completing chores.
This first drawing might fit in well with Underling's wedding vows.It is worth noting that Motivation to stay on task is always close at hand. The first drawing mentions other topics, that I might ost about a t some later date. Hoiwever, they are not something we pursue. Thus the bathroom scene is only spanking.Now in the next photo, the hand spanking part is over, and seemingly very effective, and the paddle now awaits the underwear being lowered.This is a clearly effective spanking, if the lady raises her arm so high to bring the hairbrush or paddle downwards with strength.
and just do not EXPECT or receive any sympathy when the spanking is finished.but you may be fortunate enough to reward your wife.cheers


I will be posting on a more regular schedule now that we have returned...

Thought this photo might wet your appetite.




an interesting conversation

While waiting outside a store for friends, I overheard a very interesting conversation, three days ago. I wanted to write it down, but did not have time or utensils.

One woman (in her mid 30's) was talking on the telephone in a very strong authoritative voice.

This caught my attention instantly....

As best as I can remember, the conversation I heard

"Yes, this is unacceptable behavior and you must not accept it. You have to be in charge.

You are going to have to firmly change this behavior.

Remember he is not YOUR child, he is your boyfriend, but......

and then the woman walked away out of hearing range....

OH! to be a fly on the wall and be able to follow along to hear the entire conversation....

In keeping with Hermione's complete the caption...

You could leave a comment of how the remainder of the conversation went in your opinion....



Taking advantage of opportunities

Well, we are not yet home, but we did have some quality free time available, and Cindy made good use of it. Our friends were out, and we were in the kitchen when a little disagreement arose.

This inevitably lead to a request to bare my bottom, and a good strong application of a wooden kitchen implement built a good fire, and certainly solved the minor disagreement.

I do not have access to my home computer (obviously), and the computer I am using is really bad.

Thus, pictures to accompanying any short post is really not possible.

D has suggested that a joke I sent to her was sexist (it was meant to be laughingly funny in its sexist absurdity ), and jokingly(??) stated that Cindy should spank me for it. Thus, maybe this spanking would be sufficient. (D : what do you think)

The blog will have regular posting by the weekend.



on vacation

Sorry for not updating the blog, but we are on a last minute cruise vacation. Curently just back from the beach, going for a beer, or two..
and then off to the next port.
The blog will spring back to life in about two weeks or so..

Rest assured, that the walls on the cruise ship may be thin, but the bathbrush is amking my feet do a dance almost daily. It definitley is relieving the stress from the problems alluded to in an earlier post, and we are once agian enjoying life...

happy spankings

Ps: visited a nudist beach with a small blush on my bottom...