We must eat out more often

Time again to post pictures of women having fun! Should we all give a loud cheer for digital cameras.

First thought, is that we should all start eating out more often!But don't concentrate on the food.
I'm Loving it!!!
However, getting to the mall can be fun on it's own...

and do pause and take a rest while shopping.
Remember to watch for sales
Posing for pictures that entice and enthrall was difficult, if you had to develop the pictures at your local supermarket.
Now, shopping at the supermarket can be a lot more fun!
These are definitely better pictures of people at Walmart, than what some friends send around the Internet.
Melons are good for your health!
A few friends have sent a great load of pictures,so I thought I should share them with you.
so even when you are strolling in the park!
Be aware of your surroundings!
Digitally, it is easy to take the picture, and then superimpose the person on top of another setting, making a new scene that might not have existed.However, I believe that in this enlightened era, most of these pictures are just women having fun, probably with their partners encouragement and whole hearted approval.
Personally, I have taken many fun photos of Cindy, but they will never be published. We just do not have the guts, like Ronnie does. PS: Ronnie, you look Fabulous.



Hermione said...

There's a site that posts pictures of real shoppers at Wal-Mart, dressed (and undressed) in bizarre outfits. Not as explicit as these, though. I'll never look at fast food restaurants in the same way again!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Never at Wal*Mart, but we sometimes meet another couple on hikes and pictures are taken. Not as racy as most of the ones in this post, but fun.

redxxx said...

Hermione: I just don't think these women will look so good 20 years from now, if they are eating in these fast food restaurants.
Bogey: fun photos... great... another bonus to taking a hike, and getting healthier.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a little flash now and then...thanks for sharing!!

redxxx said...

D: I most definitely agree... it rocks my boat..