travelling again

We are off to visit friends upstate, and I will not have access to a computer easily and safely. I will have to read up how people can send posts from their cell phone.
Probably easy to do, but then again, I have been technology challenged for a lifetime. Possibly as easy as your pants coming down whenever your partner decides to spank you.
Complications of erections just gives your partner a handle to use in guiding you over her lap. Cindy quite enjoys this, and I do also.Cindy usually begins with a hand warming of my bottom! She has developed a very strong arm and hand, and it is effective.However, many spankings move on to Cindy's most effective implement! A bath brush is easy to use, and effective. Very EFFECTIVE. Cindy sometimes uses this position to make certain my bottom does not attempt to wriggle away.
Specially for Ronnie, we usually when driving or flying carry the bath brush with us, so a spanking in the quiet outdoors on a back road, or simply a bit off the road is always possible. A short one minute hike gets you significantly into a forest or small clump of trees, and the spanking can start immediately. Where we live, it can happen year round in the great outdoors.
On reflection, I thought I should leave a few extra photos.

I am very lucky to have a few women who add comments, who love to be spanked.

I am not certain if this next picture describes the love of being spanked correctly! This is probably the look before the spanking begins.
This might be the look when their bottom is being well warmed.
However, as Erica and Hermione( and many more) seem to enjoy a more vigorous spanking, maybe the next photo is more appropo!
But i doubt if it ever comes to this...
Enjoy the week...
I will be back before you know it.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics of men getting spanked... I'm getting stiff! :)

widgets said...

We both enjoy spanking and the results for both of us are wonderful, like being on a cloud of exotic feeling and bliss. I talk about spanking aj but he also lovingly warms me up to. The loving afterward is terrific and a gift from heaven.

Hermione said...

No, it never comes to tears, except tears of laughter.

Enjoy your trip, and look forward to hearing about it when you return.


ronnie said...

I'll remember that bath brush next time were away for the weekend and hopefully we can make a slight detour:)

Have a good trip.


redxxx said...

Weave: whatever floats your boat.
Widgets: glad it works for so many people.
Hermione; laughter is great..tears of joy fantastic..
Ronnie always pack for any situation.
we had a fun time with friends