Stress Relieved

Well, everyone has finally left, and we are already planning a vacation.

December 30th, I asked Cindy to please spank me to help relieve stress. Certain family matters are at times overwhelming, and I am trying to get a handle on coping. I do not intend to reveal more of the problems.

Cindy was busy, and stated maybe sometime later. Not really our arrangement, but you don't argue if it is to be consensual.

Late in the evening, Cindy stated that this would be a good time for a spanking. Flippantly, I suggested "for you to be spanked"! (as this would at least temporarily relieve my mind of any other worries in our life). Cindy's smile let me know that this wasn't exactly going to happen.

Cindy requested I go upstairs and retrieve some implements, as I had requested the spanking so I should (this time anyway) have a choice of implements.

When I returned I had a selection of four for her to choose from. Finger leather strap, studded leather heart paddle, bath brush, and wooden present from a friend.

Fortunately we do NOT own a loopy cane like this.

Cindy decided to enhance the experience by having me stand in the corner of the room, and wait to be spanked. After a few minutes, she had me lower my pants and underwear, so as to see my bare bottom on display, albeit very white! Standing half clothes with a bare bottom, does help you concentrate on the spanking,as opposed to other things.The above picture is very similar to the color of my bottom.

Cindy after a few more minutes asked me to come over to her, and bend over her lap. She started with a slow hand spanking, and alternatively gently rubbed and caressed my bottom. This was being immensely erotically effective, when she reached for an implement. There is some added tension when you do not know what is being held, and you are about to be spanked with it.

Cindy leisurely used all four implements, over the next fifteen minutes or so. once again she stated that she didn't think the leather finger strap was very effective. I stated that it was, and had to keep my legs tightly shut while its fingers searched out delicate places. When she used it with gusto, it was even more effective.

Fortunately, Cindy only used one at a time.
Each implement was used two separate times, with some fondling.

The spanking was very effective, and my bottom was sore whenever I sat the next day, including during our New Years Eve meal.
Fortuantely, Cindy did not use an oar like this

May all spankings satisfy both of your needs

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A good spanking relieves stress and keeps us on an even temperament and it gives both of us an open mind to understand the other's view point and annoyances.
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