Some of the best

Thought I would borrow a couple of items that I think are exceptional!
Starting the New Year anda new relationship correctly

Top of the list is a posting photo from Hermione.... I just love it.. Wish that Cindy and I had started our marriage this way!
Second place, goes to Underling with this picture of his artwork on his blog. The text with it is exceptional. Here is a link directly.

Of course, there is also the other delectable possibility....
A little spanking to warm things up... and this lady seems absolutely ready....but in many cases, this look means the opposite is about to occur.... Similar to when Cindy develops this expression, and I know someone is going to be spanked, I often ask if it is gong to be her, and the reason is: I don't think so...oops


Hermione said...

Hi Red,

Thanks for putting my large-handed bride at the top of your list of tops. I still wonder what her bouquet is made of.


Underling said...

Nice pictures as ever, Red. Don't much rate that second one though ;).

You'll be pleased to know that your spankosphere influence is such that the page you linked is the most popular one on my blog today. So thanks, my friend! :)

redxxx said...

Hermione: Imagining the bouquet could be fun...
Underling: you are welcome..now get back to work. :-)