male submission art

A friend (thanks ..) sent me a link to this site, and I found many pictures that some readers may enjoy....
Why is she baring his bottom... your suggestions ladies...
Taking a big bite is one option.
The site is definitely worth a visit. Is he being disrobed ot be spanked?
or just to see the panties he has been required to wear.However, with all sites, part of the kink may be to your liking, and part may not be.

The males are definitely eye candy, as are the women... So something for everyone to feast their eyes on.

is this a good camera position, or would you prefer another....
and is he being consoled after being spanked, or being informed that he is about to be spanked?


widgets said...

It is a pleasure to see males where you guys belong: serving the beautiful female as in the rest of nature.

ronnie said...

Thanks for the link Red. Must pop over.


BOB said...

I love the first and the lat photos. i likke the fact that the male is in a submissive pose.But in a subtle way. I also like how artistic the photos are.

Thanks for posting them MR Redxxx. I have seen the site before.But i sometimes forget to check up on it. It has a diverse bunch of artwork.Someof which appeals to me and some of which doesnt. The good thing about that is that im guessing that theres something for everyone there

redxxx said...

Rachel: Glad to oblige
Ronnie; eye candy is always good
BOB:Definitely worth a visit, and hopefully leave a comment of encouragement to the author.