Women having fun

I find it very erotic whenever I see pictures of women flashing their bodies for the camera.
Thus, I thought I would post a few pictures of women who might equally well enjoy being spanked for such behavior!Of course, some could be created by Photoshop, but these seem quite real.
I have taken many pictures of Cindy naked, but in quiet out of the way places, where discovery is possible, but highly unlikely.
However, the thought of being discovered is erotic.The spanking that would occur if discovered would be the strongest I have ever had!This has been threatened, or in reality promised, before agreeing to posing topless or completely naked. The thrill is worth the danger. cheers Red


widgets said...

If some of those photos are of Cindy: she is beautiful and you should be honored to be spanked for showing her off. Many women and men when we go casual do not wear underwear because we let it ALL HANG OUT and fresh air does your body and pores good. Now we need to see some pictures of you with a before and after of your nether cheeks.
Rachel & aj

redxxx said...

Widjets: We are camera shy, so you will never see either of us in a photo I use. Sorry to disappoint any readers.