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Thought I would do an easy post of a few diverse items.

1. Pink has moved to a new site:


I am not certain if it will still show updates in my blog list! Up until now, I have (I think) only blogger sites in my blog list.

Go have a look, she is as interesting woman who loves to be spanked.

A reader Bob wrote:


Just found your site and love it. The blogs are great and now my wife and I can view them often.
It all started with a slap from my wife on my bare ass and I told her I liked that. So then she gave me another slap on the other ass cheek and we both enjoyed. My wife then told me she always wanted to spank me but did not know how to ask. I then asked her if she would like to increase the spanking to di
scipline and she loved the idea. We did not speak of spanking again until a week later when we were alone and getting ready for bed.

My wife told me as we were getting undressed that remember us talking about me getting a discipline spanking. I said I remember and that I agreed to be spanked. She said that because I did not do my house projects on time that I had promised her that I needed a spanking. I did get excited at the thought of being over her lap with my bare bottom presented to her made me have a hard erection. She then asked me to get her hairbrush in the bathroom drawer and bring it to her. I did as I was told.

To my surprise I was over her lap and getting the spanking of my life. My erection quickly disappeared as the
hairbrush rained down on my bare ass cheeks and they were hot and stinging after a dozen hard spanks. I wiggled around on her lap but she had me pinned down and gave me 12 more hard stinging spanks. We both then looked at my red stinging ass cheeks and it hurt like hell but I loved every smack from her paddle. My wife also said it turned her on to spank a man and we had great sex after.

Looking forward to have my wife as a disciplinarian in our relationship.

Warm Regards,

Do you believe this or not... I believe it is quite possibly true, but it might not be. However, it is enjoyable to read.
Occasionally I receive offers of exchange links.
Thus, I will be adding this link to my paysites worth visiting.


would you like to trade links with my


I have added a link to your site http://consensualspanking.blogspot.com/

could you add me to your blog please?

thank you
So back to the regular blog stuff soon. The photos are from the girlsmackingboys website. Go take a visit to see great photos and some videos.



Anonymous said...

Hey, Red! Thanks for the announcement and update your blogroll. Look ----> It worked! There I am!




Anonymous said...

Update "to" your blogroll, I should say.

redxxx said...

Pink: you are welcome