trust me honey, noone will see us

Thought I would post a humorous collection of photos.
Are they real, or are they photoshop entries.
i was astounded recently to read you can have a small fit in the pocket camera, that has a 40x zoom.
Wow! We can definitely expect more photos of this nature.
Have you ever made love outdoors, where potentially you could be discovered.

We have, and it is definitely an extra thrill.
However, it has never been as brazen as the above or next few photos.
A number of times I have been able to convince Cindy to pose for me naked outdoors to take photos.
Any thoughts on the topic?
This next couple should have just had another drink and then tried to sleep it off.
Truth or Dare couple?I thikn I should go to the beach more often!
If true, this one is hilarious.
oh well, someone should be spanked outdoors for this! cheers


SpankBuzz said...

Hello redxxx,

Indeed, someone should be spanked! (Love the post and the whole blog.)

We were wondering if you might like to exchange links with us over at FmSpankingWorld.com, since we seem to share similar interests?

Please let us know. Either way, thanks for the great content.

Happy holidays,


widgets said...

Enjoy the great outdoors it adds to all our pleasures. More people should learn to partake and enjoy.

Hermione said...

Oh, my, everyone thinks they are invisible!


ronnie said...

Loved the post Red thanks. Yes the one with the policeman is hilarious. Looks like he has a smile on his face.


redxxx said...

Spankbuzz: Glad you like the content. Certainly, I would be willing to exchange links.

Widgets: Life is to have fun..but not to end up in jail.. So caution is always necessary, but still stretch the limits.

Hermione: possibly, but some locations looked worth a try...

Ronnie; That last one certainly made the policeman's day. Glad you liked them.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a mixed bag on reality front... they're all hot, though! :) Thanks!

redxxx said...

Weave: glad you liked the posting