A friendly Hi to everyone, and specially to all that comment. I believe every blogger is thrilled whenever they see comments. Anyone and everyone that gives0 a small opinion on the topic enhances the blog immensely. Hope springs eternal.Having been away from blogging for really about two months (just a short time in between vacations), I start once again quite renewed in the eroticism and effectiveness of spankings.

A few nights ago, I read Reece's latest entries, and that brought some awareness of my similar situation. There is an overload of spanking sites, and trolling from one to another simply dampens the eroticism eventually.

Thus, I am going to limit my spanking internet usage to less than 30 minutes a day. That may sound an awful lot, but simply writing this blog will take usually 15 minutes or more. I also, will try to visit my two dear friends blogs, Hermione and Ronnie everyday, and then only two or three more, depending on how much information is on each blog.

The adaptation of an idea from Reece might be having an agreement with Cindy that I report the amount of time I have spent on spanking sites each week, and then a discipline spanking if needed. Reece's discipline spankings are quite severe, and although not as strong, this would be one that would be stronger than the normal.

Remember, our version of discipline spankings is that I then have to do my utmost to avoid any future spanking for the same reason. Three strikes and you are out, a baseball analogy that all Americans are familiar with! For us, this means that if it requires three spankings and the activity has not stopped, then the spankings do not work for this issue! This jeopardizes any future spankings for any reason whatsoever. Spankings have to be either for fun, for a minor trifle, or for real. When for real, they have to cause a change in behavior.

Spankings have once again become erotic for me. Reece comments how the thrill when having first found spanking such as the disciplinarywivesclub on the Internet was a fabulous stimulation. It helped motivate and give me the courage to talk to Cindy about spanking.

Thus, by limiting my access, (while away for almost three weeks I had no spanking internet access) I think the thrill will return. Can I say that I already have been erotically charged over the last couple of days while reading blogs, and looking at spanking photos and art of both men and women being spanked, or spanking someone.

Thanks Reece and Anne.



Hermione said...

Dear Red,

I am so touched that you would include my humble blog among the ones you visit in your limited time. You are right, blogging takes up a huge amount of time if you let it.

Looking forward to reading your posts when they appear.


widgets said...

We limit ourselves to 3 sites, yours, Spanking Marriage, and Married to a Submissive Husband. That is more than enough.
Rachel & aj

ronnie said...

Hermione said it for me as well, I am truly touched that you come over to see me. Thank you.
I must admit I have stepped back a little and don't visit as many blogs as I used to.

Thanks Red.


redxxx said...

Hermione and Ronnie and Rachel and AJ:
My time is not limited, but I am choosing to use it more wisely. Limiting where I visit is the best way of doing that. Thanks to all of you for consistently leaving encouraging comments.