Once again for good measure

Absolutely astounding, but I got up yesterday earlier than usual, and apparently I was in another bear mood. (Grouchy...never...not Me)

Somehow I was able to create a disagreement of the sequencing in cooking oatmeal for breakfast.

The bearish mood quickly turned to the baring bottom mood, where six strong spanks with a wooden spoon, on a still extremely sore bottom from yesterday, had me hopping, and changing my mind QUICKLY!.

The spanking stopped, and we went on with breakfast.

Later in the morning, after having once again apologizing for my idiocy, I requested Cindy to please give me a proper spanking for this behavior. Cindy readily agreed.

So it was off to the bedroom, and Cindy chose to use the small wooden hair brush. Bare bottomed over her knee, while she sat on a chair. Cindy remarked about some lingering redness on my bottom, besides the red from the wooden spoon, and a few small bruises.

Cindy then began the spanking without any warm-up, as my bottom was still readily feeling every spank. The spanking was not strong, but I was still squirming a bit, and having my feet moving at times. Cindy appreciated these reactions, commenting on how i must be feeling the spanking.

When Cindy stopped, she asked if that was sufficient?

I responded and explained that I had felt everyone, but she should not worry of my reactions, and do however many more she wanted but with her normal strength when spanking. Just because my bottom was tender, that was my fault and not hers.

Cindy responded with a series of very hard spanks, first on one cheek and then the other, and then concentrated on the "sweet spot". My muffled noises let her know that I was really feeling this spanking. My squirming and dancing feet, something that is now becoming quite regular when Cindy spanks, lets me know she is more confident and willing to spank harder. In reality, on a very sore bottom, these spanks if continued would have had me "lose it".

Cindy stopped after another short flurry. I thanked her for the love it takes to give me a spanking when needed.

Later that evening, on my request, we discussed the spanking situation.

I thanked Cindy for spanking me, as opposed to endless discussions or arguments.

I thanked Cindy for being willing to spank harder, and thus more effectively. When I am showing that I feel my spanking by my owws and squirming and feet dancing, then that is exactly when she should consider the spanking to have actually started, and that prior to that was the warm-up. Thus, please continue until I actually am indicating a desire for the spanking to end, whether that be agreeing to anything and everything (yes the earth is flat!), or my asking that I have been spanked enough PLEASE! I tried to reinforce the idea that my spankings should be something I do my best to avoid, with real strong consequences when I screw up..

Fortunately, today, my bottom has had a nice rest from the hair brush. As much as I love spankings, when they become intense, one definitely wonders what the HELL I was thinking when I first asked Cindy to spank me!



widgets said...

You were NOT thinking redxxx: you realized you deserved and needed to immediately be reigned in and have a definite immediate mood change. I have found this works wonders and all of us are happier. This is why I carry a paddle in my purse, the car and in quick range in our house for prompt change of mood.

redxxx said...

Rachel: a well prepared woman..