nu-west leda

A original favorite for many people was the nu-west Leda photos and videos. They were some of the first images of spanking I saw that were real spanking images, not the staged photos that were fantastic, but totally unrealistic.

The spankings were very intense, more than what some might like to see, and absolutely perfect for others to watch. Everyone has there own "cup of tea" level for spanking.


I recommend this site for those interested, because it has both a female submissive, and a female dominate section, for whatever your persuasion might be. When you click on the link, you will find short video clips of many spanking scenes you have seen pictures from, but never actually scene the video.
There are so many clips of the videos, that you can spend an enjoyable 30 minutes being thankful that you are not the recipient of the spanking.
The Jameson ladies are amazing.cheers


  1. Hi Red. I'm a huge fan of the Leda stuff. The only pity is that many of their old movies, including some which I think feature the best F/M spankings ever, date from a time when video quality wasn't so good.

  2. Underling: The video quality may not be too good, compared to fullHD we now have, but the effectiveness of the spanking rings through loud and clear. The imagination of yourself being spanked truly still comes through.

  3. Leda were the pioneers of f/m spanking videos. Even will all the other spanking sites, they are still the best. Often wish I had been over a Leda Ladies lap. By the way, Ed said he is bringing out a book on the Leda Ladies.

  4. anon: the book might be fun to read, if it has lots of pictures.

  5. i love the otk hairbrush spanking so hard

    1. andrew; i love it also, but only while thinking about it. Whiile in the midst of the spanking, I tend to wish it were not so hard and long.
      bottoms up


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