Happy Spankings

Well, last night went really well, as almost everyone went out Christmas shopping. Everyone, that is, except Cindy and I.

Thus, peace and solitude allowed us to have some leisurely time to talk, and have a reconnection with the hair brush.

It was as much a relieving of stress on both of our parts, as it was a disciplinary spanking. IT was really an apt way of discussing how things will transpire in the next few days. Cindy had a certain way of making her viewpoint prevail in the discussion.

Suffice to say that the discussion transpired, with Cindy seated on the bed, and myself being bare bottomed over her lap. It was a slow warm -up spanking by hand, and then a real good toasty warming with the hairbrush. After a pause for a minute or two, the hair brush would once again dance heavily over my bottom and back of my legs.

A little more discussion, and then a lot more spanking.

When Cindy decided it was about enough, she did a prolonged strong spanking just on one cheek for what seemed like an entire minute of rapid hard spanks, before she moved to complete the spanking by treating the other cheek to such a thorough treatment.

Cindy stopped when she stated that her arm was sore, and this is from a woman who works out regularly.

Later that evening, we completed the event by making passionate love. Looking at my bottom in the mirror now, my bottom still is quite pink in the centre of each cheek. A spanking well done.

In case I do not get a chance to post again until after Christmas, Cindy and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.

The middle picture is one of Miss Audrey, and the wooden hair brush looks very effective, and similar to Cindy's. Miss Audrey has a blog you might like to visit.



Anonymous said...

Spank me...first! :)

Hermione said...

Merry Christmas Red and Cindy. I'm glad you had some spanking time amidst all the pre-Christmas bustle. Ouch! I hate the one-side treatment.


widgets said...

You will enjoy a warm and toasty holiday and in between Cindy will keep you warm without any loss of true feelings. May we reciprocate to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season!
Rachel & aj

ronnie said...

Hope you and Cindy have a wonderful Christmas with a few swats when no one is looking.


redxxx said...

Weave: may your wish come true.
Hermione,Rachel and aj, and Ronnie: thanks for the good wishes and best wishes to you also