foot fetish?

Ho hum, another hard day at the office.
I have been enjoying one of the lovable pastimes of an American male and watching quite a bit of NFL football.For those readers who do not follow football passionately, their has been some commentary and allegations about the coach of the NY Jets having a foot fetish. (Deadspin.com regarding Rex Ryan) http://deadspin.com/5715741/this-may-or-may-not-be-rex-ryans-wife-making-foot+fetish-videos?skyline=true&s=i

A great line from the article that is worth repeating.
A lot of you will judge the Ryans over this. Please don't. Lots of Americans have bizarre tastes. Just think: There are people out there who'll cheer for the Jets.

To his defense, it is only with his wife according to all reports.However, the thought of such a ?MANLY? sport, and having a foot fetish is quite daunting for some people to grasp.
Being a spanking enthusiast, I am happy to hear of other people in prominent positions having fetishes. Maybe it could become a team event for the NY JETS.Live and let live, but make certain that you are enjoying yourself. If this is something a couple wants to do, then that is fine with me.The photos come from a yahoo group.

This group has some really great photos, but also some photos that I have no interest in whatsoever. So, for everyone with a foot fetish, I hope you liked this posting.


justagirl said...

So cool to see feet on a spanking blog! I don't watch football but officially became a Jets fan when I saw those first news reports.

Underling said...

Red, in the offices I've worked in the best you could hope for was someone coming round to clean the computers and phones. I think I'd be quite taken aback by having someone appear from beneath the desk to lick my feet!

I don't have a particular foot thing for either, although as you rightly say whatever turns you on is good so long as it's all consensual. :)

widgets said...

What a fun thing, especially in a family business: to have my husband under my feet relaxing them while I make the business work. Also works in a good professional setting. If there are any challenges: bend him over the desk nude as a blotter and to take out frustrations.

redxxx said...

justagirl: There is more to life than simply spanking. Glad you enjoyed the post about feet. Personally, I do not have this desire! However, feet are fun to include as a little change from the usual. I have taken a quick glance at your site, and will return to visit longer. Thanks for adding a comment.

Underling: I would more be thinking that you would be the male licking the woman's feet.

Rachel: great imagination. Glad I am able to give you opportunities to use it.

Dreamgirls In Socks said...

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