Exchanging links: www.fmspankingworld.com

I am happy to exchange links with other blogs or websites.I usually will look at the blog or website, and will connect as long as I find the material acceptable to my standards, whatever they might be.Some spanking sites I find too extreme, where the participants are bruised and bloodied. An occasional bruise is acceptable, but each spankee being bloodied is beyond my limits.
Thus, I am happy to recommend http://www.fmspankingworld.com
It describes itself as :"Fantasies and Lifestyles Where Women Spank Men"The photos included in this post are from the site.They have a multitude of pictures, short videos, interviews and more.

Go have a look and enjoy. Dana is waiting for you1cheers


Anonymous said...

I already have your blog on my blog list, it would be nice if you included mine on yours. Hopefully my subject matter is up to your standards. I can promise you no blood or severe bruising.



widgets said...

Those pictures are nice and we think they will be a terrific addition to your site.
Rachel & aj

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Morning Red, If I did links on OBB, yours would be on there. I decided not bother with links and just use other sites for my browsing pleasure - like yours. Just mark me down as lazy.

Love the first picture. New to me.

redxxx said...

James: I took a quick look, but will visit again in the New Year. We have family coming to stay with us today, and will be here until almost the New Year. Thus my blogging will mostly be ones I have already written but not yet posted. Have fun with your blog, as it is relatively new at twelve entries. When I have a chance to read, then I will post. Still no lights outside, the tree has yet to be purchased, and Christmas shopping to do... a typical male! :-)

widgets: definitely great pictures to use.

Bogey: no problem whatsoever that you do not have a link to me. I was just using that as a heading because someone had asked to link.

Anonymous said...

it makes me very horny thinking about getting my bottom spanked and spanking a man's bottom too. Feeling that sting on my ass makes it feel good. I also like it when I give a guy a good spanking with my hand or flyswatter. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Red said...

anon : thanks for dropping by
bottoms up