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Sometimes you come across captions with pictures. A few were posted yesterday on the new spanking links yahoo group by David Elias. His postings are always enjoyable.

A good example is the three following pictures The first could be taken one of two ways.

The man has pleaded for quite some time with his wife to spank him whenever she feels he has done something wrong! this is his first ever spanking by her, and she intends to make it memorable.


He has done something wrong, and whenever that happens it is as good as asking for a spanking, because he will be spanked for the wrong doing..The second story continues this theme. He has succeeded in having his wife agree to spank him, but he still wants to be in control of how long, how hard...etc... That just should not happen. Unfortunately, I have never asked Cindy to stop. Many times I have wished it, but I somehow can't verbalize it during the spanking. This is something I should work on to make the spankings more real.I doubt if I will ever cry during a spanking. However, if we work on the verbaland getting me to be verbal during a spanking, maybe someday mwe might reach this situation.
How do these pictures and stories relate to your situation?
Hope a few of the readers might answer this question!


Anonymous said...

I usually wish I had never gone over her lap during the spanking. After it is done, the glow lasts for days and all was worth it.

Anonymous said...

Ive had my wife bring tears to my eyes, but I've never really cried during a spanking. And I believe it was because of the scolding I was getting during the spanking. I had let her down by not doing something she asked, and she voiced the way she felt.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I like the pictures, two were new to me. I can not relate to taking a spanking that's too much as I am not spanked for discipline, only for my enjoyment.

redxxx said...

anon: We are very similar in thought, as well as experience.
James: Just pain does not necessarily bring tears. Emotions, coupled with being spanked may do it for many. Thanks for sharing.
Bogey: glad you like the photos. Sometimes it is just the words that help get men have an erotic reaction.