Men's bodies

Well, if yesterday's post expressed men's love of woman's bodies, then the same undoubtedly can be stated about woman's love of men's bodies.Except, in many cases, women are usually more reserved about expressing this desire.The main difference is that men are much more open about it, while women in general are more reserved.Have you ever heard women of all ages yelling and hollering and screaming their desires at a fireman's fund raiser, where the rather well built men strip down to almost nothing, or actually end up completely naked!I was outside a building where a show was on once, and it sounded like the walls would fall down.Simply, in most cases, it is how a woman perceives society will view her, that determines her behavior!I guess it all depends on the ability to let loose, without modesty having to be the optimal word.Women are brought up, normally, where modesty is the key.
Some break out from these bounds, and that is a blessing in North America and in Europe. Topless beaches should be the norm. Breast feeding a baby in purblic should be natural.
However, religions (exclusively run by men) throughout the world try to dominate and repress women.
I read recently on line where a woman needs the permission of her father to marry in Saudi Arabia. Thus, if the woman is earning a good salary as a doctor, then the father can deny her marrying, and thus the money she earns come to him. Appealing to the courts simply receives a reply to discuss it with the father.
Would you like to know something even more disgusting.Saudi Arabia is now on the United Nations Women's Rights Agency. Click this link to read more


This entry started as simply a showcase for men, but having written a bit from the heart, I am including photos of naked women also. I think I will start showing more sexually orientated material. (What the hell, it is my blog)

Celebrating our bodies, and our WESTERN lifestyle, is very very important.So to every woman and man wondering whether to display a portion of their body to the community, keep your face covered or hidden, but feel free to display.I have yet to do this, but will in the next short while.Back to spanking writings tomorrow.cheers


widgets said...

HooRay for red:
He realizes finally that we love to see naked men. We enjoy all of the same feelings and fun.

Anonymous said...

Lovely... makes me want to be spanked! :)

redxxx said...

Rachel: thanks for the reminder. I never really know who most of my readers are, and what their preferences are.
Weave: you are welcome

BOB said...

I am a heterosexual male.But i still love the concept of "Clothed Female Naked Male" [CFNM]. I personally like the idea of Female Led Relationships.But i have never really gotten interested in hard core BSDM.

I do love the idea of a bunch of wives going to a male revue featuring male strippers, while thier husbands obediently stay home and do the housework.

Or the idea of a group of women being waited on hand and foot by one of the women's hunky naked or half-naked husband as they oggle him.

I have always liked the [sadly very few] photos on the internet which show clothed women subtly enjoying viewing naked o r half-naked male bodies.

In the UK they even have a "naked butler" service where women have a butler ,wearing only a small apron ,serve them food and drinks, on a brides's bachelorette party

I personally like it when i see women subtly oggle men .

Thats why i like the photos of women playfully enjoying spanking a cute male butt, more then the ones in which the women look angry

BOB said...

I would like to add that i love the photos that you post of the slightly prim and bookwormish women like the woman in the pink sweater in this post. Maybe its just me.But i like seeing the shy type of woman enjoying being in charge for a change. Or a shy and quiet type of woman gleefully enjoying a male stripper. Or even stripping him herself

Maybe its just me.But theres something about a conservativly dressed woman who is enjoying half-naked or naked males.

redxxx said...

Bob: thanks for writing. Summarizing, we like women! Different shapes, different demeanor, different ways of dress.
i try to post different scenarios, and am glad you like them