Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

Only making a small post, as time will be limited for a few days. I cannot read what hte text states, but it implies to me that the first Thanksgiving dinner, where the settlers who moved to the New World, celebrated with the Natives of the New World.Don't you just love the heels on the man's shoes... those were definitely from a different time than now. And NO, I do not wear heels, but men once upon a time did!Of course, if you are celebrating Thanksgiving with friends, make certain to roast enough buns.
Happy Thanksgiving


ronnie said...

Welcome back Red. Happy Spanksgiving to you both. Hope you enjoyed your break.


Danielle said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Cindy, Red.

Hermione said...

I love the idea of a Thanksgiving spanking. It's so appropriate.

Welcome back!


redxxx said...

Ronnie, Danielle, and Hermione: Thanks for the kind wishes. I always love to hear from you ladies.

BOB said...

Welcome back! Andi hope that you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

i love the third drawing. I love the combination of the gleefulness of the women and the humiliation of the men shown on thier faces.I also like the fact that the one woman took off her shoe and is using her sandal to spank the man. I love the idea of women kicking off their sandals and using them to spank thier husbands

redxxx said...

Bob: thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. The spontaneity of using a shoe or sandal is exciting.