Cindy spanked and away we go (hiatus)

This happened yesterday, but I started writing it yesterday.Cindy once again today asked if I spank her, as a way of solving problems and stress. We did not have time at the moment, so I stated that I would spank her later in the day, and then we would make love.

Later, we found time, and by then, Cindy was feeling much better and tried to graciously decline my fine offer to spank her. Sensing that a small spanking and great sex would help chase away problems, I offered this course of action. Cindy accepted :-)

Well, it was a slow bare the bottom, and then I sat in the middle of the bed so that Cindy could lay across my lap, but also her entire body was supported. A little fondling before the spanking helped set the mood.
Cindy was hand spanked with four warm up spanks, a little more fondling between here legs, and then six real spanks, plus one as a bonus.

The love making that followed was fabulous for both of us.

The combined endorphins created by spanking and sex did set us for a wonderful mood.

We highly recommend it to any couple thinking about incorporating spanking into their lifestyle, if they are adventurous enough to try it.

Cosmo News (cosmopolitan) recently stated that:
The Great Outdoors:
Being outside for 20 minutes a day helps boost your energy. Yet another reason to go on vacation...

We will be out of town visiting friends and travelling about. We always love driving up the coast, but this time we may just saunter over to New Orleans.

As I do not know how to email posts from a yahoo account, I will have something new to learn when we get back.

Happy Spankings and Great Sex
Live Long and Prosper (Mr. Spock)
And away we gooooooooooo (as Jackie Gleason used to say)
cheers (adios amigos) Back in three weeks


Rachel said...

Have a great vacation and may you return with some well warmed nether cheeks.
Rachel & aj

ronnie said...

Love the pictures Red.

You lucky devils, hope you both have a wonderful vacation.


Red said...

fun time was had by all.Will restart blog shortly. Thanks for the good wishes