Attempting to Solve Cindy's stress

Cindy has been stressed for the last week, and we are working on solving or alleviating it at least.
About four days ago, Cindy requested I spank her. I declined. because it was at the end of an argument, and I was mad. Cindy had been wrong, and spanking at that moment would be a bad idea.

Any thought of a discipline spanking for Cindy is something we do NOT do. Spanking Cindy for fun is fabulous, but I doubt we are ready to move on to discipline spankings for Cindy.

However, stress relief spankings are a definite possibility. A spanking relieves any stress that I have, on many grounds, and also solves any argument or disagreement..

A) When Cindy announces that she is going to spank me, the focus from whatever was happening changes to the concept that I am going to be spanked. It definitely opens your eyes to the fact that Cindy is annoyed enough that you need to be spanked to solve the problem.

B) Your mind now can try to grasp that whatever was being discussed, or whatever action that you have done, should not be repeated, as you are going to be spanked for it.

C) Even if I request a stress relief spanking, the spanking is still going to be real, not play.

D) Being requested to join Cindy, means that the spanking is about to begin.

E) being requested to either stand in the corner, or retrieve certain spanking implements, or simply to bare my bottom and climb over Cindy's knees, all have their own special effect.

F) When you are being spanked, you certainly are only focused on your bottom, and your mind can let go of any other thoughts at least for the moment.

H) the burn afterwards, and soreness, can allow your mind to think about the spanking, as opposed to other thoughts.

I) Any question by Cindy with a smile asking how is your bottom, both reminds you about your bottom, and also the twinkle in the eye can promise great sex later...

Well, having said all the effects of a spanking on me, we are attempting to see if a spanking will relieve stress for Cindy.

Two days ago, Cindy had been restless, and she suggested I spank her. No argument had occurred. I promptly sat on a chair, and Cindy came beside me. I undid her jeans, something I like doing, and then she pulled them down over her bottom and then lowered her panties. I took a little time adjusting her position, and asking if her arms were okay. We will have to use a lower chair for future spankings. The delay allowed me to enjoy the view longer.

With the first hand spank, Cindy was on the verge of tears. I paused, then proceeded to slowly give Cindy seven more spanks on her bottom, with her owwing and ooooing, but no tears. After the sixth spank, she said that was enough, but I stated two more and she complied. Remember that unless physically restrained, the spankee can always Get off the spankers lap.

well, the remainder of the day went well, but when we went out, we did not return until near midnight. Cindy has been great today.

Maybe the spanking helped her solve a little of the stress.
Spankings must be consensual, and they can always be for fun reasons, solve stress, or discipline.



Rachel said...

You are correct: we do get stressed and spankings are the fastest and more enjoyable ways of relief. I am spanked by aj and since learning about spanking enjoy it. Your article was extremely informative.

Red said...

Rachel: Glad you liked the posting. Speak to you again in three weeks.