It has been a great day so far.

It was decided that we should slow things down a bit, and find time for spanking and sex in the daytime.


Before lunch, Cindy decided it was a good time, and called me to come to our bedroom, where I was greeted by my beautiful wife, wearing a leather bra and panties.


After some necking, she requested I choose an instrument to be spanked with.

My choice was a carpet beater (:=D)

So quickly, I undressed, and Cindy remarked on the obvious erection I was sprouting when I went to bend over, while standing.

A little fondling preceded the application of the carpet beater.

Then Cindy stated that it was time to do a little dusting.

After many spanks with this implement, I was owwing a bit, and Cindy was quite pleased with the pleasant shade of pink my bottom was showing.

She remarked that you could see the outline of the carpet beater on my bottom.

Cindy was quite pleased how I was starting to do a little dance shifting my weight from one foot to the other. Cindy paused, as she observed that my erection was flagging, and with some gentle hand help, it revived strongly.

However, Cindy then started once again with the carpet beater, and when she applied it to the back of the legs, it caused considerable wriggling and ouches. Many of her spanks were with her gripping the carpet beater with both hands, to make a more effective experience.

Cindy asked if I had had enough, but it was decided that maybe the small hand paddle would be effective in making the spanking memorable.

A friend had given us the carpet beater, and this small paddle was also from the same friends.

Cindy remarked that she should write and thank them for such kind gifts.

This small paddle really had me jumping, as it's length is just perfect for Cindy to use strongly and effectively.

This paddle was much more effective, and I was jumping about a bit, or at least it seemed to me that was what I was doing. Bent over with your hands on your knees certainly presents an effective spanking target.

When Cindy decided that was sufficient, she permitted me to see my bottom in the mirror, but only after reviving my erection affectionately.

This time most of my bottom was a bright red, with that telltale grey area in the middle of each cheek.

It was then decided for just a few more strokes, this time with the leather finger strap to make certain that the top[ of my bottom would no longer be white, but would join the rest of my bottom by becoming bright red.

Using a leather strap, Cindy whaled away with great vigor, and every spank was well felt, and my bottom and feet were doing a small dance.

Cindy finally finished, and my entire bottom was red. I thanked her for the spanking.

A little revival was needed, and we made absolutely wonderful passionate love.

Seven hours later, my bottom is still red, and sitting i can feel it significantly.
We highly recommend spanking to help rev the sexual fervor within a couple's relation.



Rachel said...

What a wonderful pre-lunch way to spend a day: warmed up and pointing toward a hot afternoon.

Red said...

Rachel: still in the pink more than 24 hours later.
Wonderful day for certain.

Danielle said...

Glad you enjoyed the day getting so much attention.

Red said...

Definitely a hot day.
Thanks for adding a comment

Anonymous said...

I love the story, and these pics... thanks!

Red said...

weave: glad you like both parts