Spanking Tube

Emma's advice is for a Mom talking about how she deals with her husband.. (that's how I think it should be interpreted :-)IF you would like a good video of a man being spanked, then you might like to click on the following link

One wonders if all men make these noises while being spanked. However, when we get to the part of the cane, I certainly would be in great difficulty, and would be making the same noises for certain.

The looped cane has many benefits, if you consider them to be benefits. The looped cane allows for no wrapping, so the spank can always hit the exact spot desired. It can also be used only on one cheek, making it doubly effective. We, as of yet do not own one, but I will purchase one whenever I see it in a fetish store, or possibly purchase it on the internet. The looped cane appears to me to act be similar to three cane strokes with the two sides and the top all adding their special thrill.

Do any readers have the looped cane? How effective is it?So many videos exist at this site that one wonders why anyone would buy them.




OnHerKnee said...

Yeah, no doubt I would be making some noise too.

We don't have a loop cane (yet) thankfully.

However, considering the effectiveness of the canes that we do have, combined with the intensity of a loopy johnny which I am painfully familiar with...

Well, I'm willing to wait for your purchase and review before I make such a likely regreatable investment.

Red said...

Onherknee: at least it appears you have felt the loopy cane. I will be in no rush to purchase one, but will undoubtedly purchase when I see one in a store.
Thanks for the comment. All comments are always appreciated

Anonymous said...

That was a hard spanking and caning ,I could almost feel it! I liked the way she ensured at one point that both buttocks were whacked !So often I find ,from painful experience ,my right cheek is the most painful after my wife completes my punishment! I did complain once -only to get another 6 of the very best for passing a comment on her methods! MG

Red said...

MG: thanks for writing. Unfortunately, helpful suggestions are rewarded by more spanks, for topping from the bottom. Glad you learned this after your first suggestion.