Less Happy to be Spanked

Spankings must be consensual, but in many relationships, one or both persons willing give their partner the right to spank them as discipline, at the sole discretion of the spanker. In our case, Cindy has my permission any time any reason, while my spanking Cindy is only with her approval at the time.

Thus, today's post shows some photos of some happy, and some reluctant spankees, being very aware that the spanking is going to hurt.

Photo one is someone really wanting to be spanked. The line forms behind me to the right guys.
Our second lady is ready, and looking somewhat willing, but also somewhat hesitant,with her feet trying to cover her bottom.Photo three shouts out I am ready, but the look expresses worry.Photo four shouts a defiance that spanking me won't change me.
photo five shouts a stiff upper lip is needed for this spanking, or possibly a sensual enjoyment of the spanking.
Our next to last photo shows a wells panked bottom, with a look of acknowledgment by the lady that she is really feeling the spanking.
last entry: a well roasted bottom.


Rachel said...

Look at the most beautiful part of the human anatomy. This is the sparks of life that makes all of us come to attention. Keep up the great work.
Rachel & aj

Red said...

Rachel and Aj
Thanks for the kind words